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Vyskumny ustav dopravny a.s. (VUD)

VUD Vyskumny ustav dopravny a.s. Research Institute of Transport, as in its 63-year existence, fulfills important tasks with societal and national economic consequences, which results from solving important research tasks in the field of creation and implementation of transport policy. This is associated with extensive know-how that qualifies it for inclusion in the scientific and research base of the Slovak Republic, which should be considered as one of the main strategic directions of VÚD, as. Transport Research Institute, Inc. . Based on previous experience in the domestic and foreign markets, it represents an organization of science, research and development with a long tradition and research potential in the field of transport. He also has experience in developing strategic documents, working with national and transnational authorities in the field of transport engineering and transport planning. He has extensive experience in the implementation of intelligent transport projects related to the solution, optimization and development of the toll system and the development of intelligent on-board units. During his many years of experience he gained experience in many solved professional projects with national and international significance. It operates in all modes of transport, in particular in the fields of technology, technology, operations, economics, legislation, transport management and organization, IT and automation in transport, ecology, energy, transport safety and quality, transport infrastructure, transport security and tourism management, transport policy  As part of its personnel policy, Research Institute Transport as pursues clear goals in the area of ​​its own knowledge and research development and its aim is to guarantee the quality of provided services through its employees and co-workers.taking into account current and planned needs in the field of scientific and technological development and international trends. Experience and knowledge of the working team is constantly renewed and extended by cooperation with local and foreign partners from the academic, research and industrial field, participation in conferences, trainings and, last but not least, own research leading to new knowledge and applications in business practice. Particular emphasis is placed on own knowledge progress and the creation of conditions for the activation of young researchers in their ranks. Research Institute of Transport, as  is an institution representing a standard on the market in its field of specialization and specialization in the field of planning and conceptual creation of transport systems. The research institution endeavors to integrate innovative elements and services in the area of ​​transport problem solving in order to increase the knowledge level while ensuring the readiness of transport systems for the arrival of SmartCities and SafeCities in order to develop intelligent transport and intelligent transport systems not only in Slovakia.  
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