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Background Wakker Dier is committed to improving the living conditions of animals in the livestock industry. Every day in the Netherlands almost half a million animals are sold as meat, most after a horrible life. Our mission is to give an animal life to all animals in the livestock industry. We address companies and A-brands about this animal suffering and ask them to take action. We also show in the press and with advertising how animals in the livestock industry are used in the Netherlands. In this way, we wake everyone up and we start the public discussion.   Mission Wakker Dier believes that all animals in the livestock industry are entitled to an animal-like life with plenty of room for natural behavior. We see it as our mission to bring about a society in which these animals are treated with respect. Emergence and consequences of the livestock industry After the food scarcity in the Second World War, meat and other animal products had to be produced cheaply and in large quantities. In order to achieve this, livestock farming continued to be intensified and animals were treated as inanimate products. Supermarkets have relegated meat to a stunt item to attract customers to the store. For example, the price of a kilo of chicken fillet in the offer is often lower than that of a kilo of vegetables or luxury cat food. As a result, animal-friendly alternatives do not stand a chance: they are soon 'too expensive'. The low prices in the store are passed on to the farmer, who has to produce increasingly cheaply. Only with scaling up (the megastal) can he still keep his head above water. Ultimately, the animals - but also often the environment and people - pay the price for this. The Netherlands cattle industry In the Netherlands almost half a million animals are now sold as meat every day. They almost never could go outside to dig or to scratch. They led a life full of sorrow and boredom in a tight world of concrete and steel. As if it were the most normal thing in the world, massive interventions were committed that would be labeled as gross animal abuse by pets. Goal We can realize this dream by eating "less but better meat". We have translated this into the following objective: In 2030, meat consumption in the Netherlands has dropped by a quarter and always has at least one Better Life star. This means that the annual consumption per person in 2030 will be 61 kg (reference year 2010: 81 kg).

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