• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1995

Washington International Management Institute (WIMI)

Faced with the chronic nature of the economic crisis and desperation in developing countries, a team of high level experts decided to put their skills and experiences to work for economic and social transformations in the emerging nations of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Caribbean Islands. Their determination, firmly based on concrete experience of the developing world and its problems, culminated in the founding of Washington International Management Institute (WIMI) in 1995.  Our mission is to contribute through effective short-term professional training and technical assistance to capacity development in ways that strengthen and accelerate developing countries' ability for self-reliant and sustainable economic growth and development. At a time when poverty is deepening, human desperation and paralysis lie deep in most nations of the world, effective training can help people to regain self-confidence, transform paralysis into energetic entrepreneurship and develop strategic and managerial skills and values which will ultimately enable them to solve critical human problems and compete more effectively in the global market. Effective training can offer the needed sense of strategic direction as well as key technical and human competencies to vigorously address the monumental challenges of marginalization and underdevelopment. As one UN Human Development Report put it " unless developing countries acquire control over the expanded knowledge industry, they will languish forever in the backwaters of low-value added production (1992)". It is against this background that must be understood WIMI's vital mission to assist those who are leading the way in developing countries: decision-makers, administrators and managers to access to critical expertise and proven managerial practices in ways to increase their capacity to lead more effectively and build the necessary basis for self-reliant and sustainable development.  For over a decade, WIMI has trained over a thousand administrators, managers and executives from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and has provided technical assistance in the design and execution of various development programs, including governance and decentralization, aid policy coordination, corruption control, civil service reforms, entrepreneurship and private sector development. Most of our participants are now at the center of important reform initiatives in their institutions or countries for the purpose of changing the way business is done and ultimately improving human lives.
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Company Offices

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  • Takoma Park
  • 7063 Carroll Avenue