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Wasi Organics believe healthy food should be delicious!  They make our healthy snacks from the best ingredients nature has to offer:  -Whole grains, nuts, honey, fruits and superfoods like quinoa, cocoa nibs and maca.  -A delicious way of getting essential nutrients like fiber, protein and antioxidants. Why they do it? When Gianina & Marta met, they discovered we shared concerns about food and life:  They wanted to make it easy for people to have a healthier lifestyle without compromising flavor, help small Andean farmers to have a better life, and protect the environment by promoting sustainable organic agriculture. Then the idea turned in to reality:  Wasi Organics is a not-just-for-profit company with a mission.  In Wasi they believe that it is essential for companies to have a soul,  to care for our consumers, to care for our suppliers, and to care for the environment.  How they do it? They love what they do... passionately! They love great tasting food, they love to travel across the Andes and the Amazon looking for these  special ingredients, and they love to have a positive impact on our society and the environment. Superfoods All our products are made with superfoods under a strict quality control process. They want to bring the very best of Peruvian biodiversity to the world. Responsibility They operate under Biotrade principles integrating small Andean farmers’ associations into our supply chain. Quality They follow strict quality controls…. No one messes up with Rolando. (Rolando is our food engineer and quality boss).

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