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Water and Sanitation Infrastructures Administration (Administracao de Infra-estruturas de Agua e Saneamento) (AIAS)

As part of the expansion of the Delegated Management Framework for Urban Water Supply (HQD), the Government of Mozambique created, through Decree 19/2009 of May, the Administration of Water and Sanitation Infrastructures whose mandate is, among others, to promote autonomous, efficient and financially sustainable management of public water supply and sanitation systems. The AIAS is a public legal person of national scope, with legal personality and administrative autonomy. The Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Administration is responsible for the management of the assets of the secondary public water distribution systems and those allocated to it, and for the public wastewater drainage systems, promoting their autonomous, efficient and financially viable, through delegation to private operators or other entities.  Their Mission To efficiently manage the assets of public secondary water supply and urban sanitation systems, promoting the development of human capital, investments and sustainable autonomous, financial and environmental exploitation.  Their Vision Achieve universal coverage of water and sanitation by 2025 in towns and cities, contributing to the development of the District, and sanitation in large cities, raising the quality of life of populations. Their Values Corporate Commitment Discipline and Commitment Integrity and Transparency Professionalism and Rigor Growth and Team Spirit Communication Participative management Their Assignments The Administration of Infrastructures for Water Supply and Sanitation has the following attributions: a) To promote the autonomous, efficient and financially sustainable management of the public water distribution and wastewater drainage systems that are affected by it, through the delegation of the respective operations by means of concession contracts, management and assignment of exploitation. b) Manage the public investment program and the assets of the public water distribution and wastewater drainage systems that have been affected. c) Temporarily guarantee the management and operation of public water distribution and wastewater drainage systems. d) To conclude contracts with public and private operators; e) Supervise the activities of the Provincial Water and Sanitation Council of the area where the public water distribution and drainage systems are located; f) Define the investment plans and approve the commercial and financial strategy plans for the systems allocated to them, providing information to the Water Supply Regulatory Council (CRA); g) Supervise the implementation of investment plans proposed by the operators according to the contracts awarded by the Ministry that supervises the Area of Water Supply and Sanitation, providing the CRA with information on compliance with the contractual conditions; h) Maintain an updated register of the public and private domain assets of the transferred systems, in accordance with the contractual clauses. i) Allocate operator or property, supervise its use; j) To incorporate to the patrimony the new public systems resulting from the public investment or of donations, keeping the register of the goods and real estate, and an account of patrimony. k) To promote and facilitate the restructuring of existing water supply and sanitation services companies as well as the restructuring of municipal and district services, strengthening and encouraging the participation of local private operators through the introduction of attractive models for their contracting . l) To ensure the protection of the acquired rights of the workers of the companies of the restructured services, in accordance with the legislation in force in the country.
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