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Wazi Vision

Who They Are Wazi Vision, incorporated in Uganda is a company focused on providing more affordable eye care to everyone. According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people are visually impaired; 90% of whom live in low-income families. Of these, 43% have uncorrected refractive errors. In Uganda alone, over 1.2 million people are visually impaired, yet the cost of corrective lenses and eye testing services is still high. Wazi Vision, therefore, focuses on providing an alternative to existing eye care solutions. We design and provide eyewear at 80% of the cost of other eyeglasses on the market. We have also developed a mobile kit that uses virtual reality technology to test for eye acuity without the need for an optometrist to enable all communities to have access to eye testing services. Over the past years of operation, Wazi has trained women to design eyewear, perform tests in communities and manage logistics for delivery of eyeglasses. Virtual Reality - Eye testing Technology  They are at the center of innovation. Wazi, with support from the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) and Greentec Capital Partners, have developed a software that uses Virtual Reality technology to test for eye acuity without the need for an optometrist. This kit will help Wazi be able to reach communities that do not have optical centers or need to travel long distances to access basic eye care. The VR gear has been intuitively designed with modules for adults and also for children. It is interactive, easy to use and needs no prior knowledge of optometry. Anyone can use the kit to perform an eye test! Their Impact At Wazi, impact within their communities is at the forefront of who they are and what their vision is. They believe that in order to be successful, the company needs to focus on improving the lives of those around us and empower them to grow. With support from USADF, they were able to organize eye camps, test more than 5,000 children in 2017 in multiple schools across Uganda and provide those in need of eyeglasses with affordable eyewear. They have also over the years donated eyewear to children that otherwise cannot afford even the cheaper alternatives we provide. This has been due to the support of various people across the globe that have donated money to purchase eyeglasses for the children. In addition, every pair of glasses bought contributes 10% to the purchase of a pair of eyeglasses for a child in need.
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Company Offices

  • Uganda
  • Plot 981, Block 80 Nakasajja, Kyaggwe