• Organization TypeFoundation, Works & Construction
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1968
As a company firmly grounded in the District of Columbia and respected for its community building capabilities, WC Smith enjoys collegial working relationships with city leaders, District agencies, ANC’s, community organizations, and educational institutions. They have honed the ability to meld the city’s long-term vision for growth with residents’ needs and desires as they create communities throughout the region. With fully three quarters of our 700 employees living and/or working in the District of Columbia, they are committed to the long-term viability and sustainability of the neighborhoods they create and the people who inhabit them. Community Outreach One of the firm’s distinguishing features is its commitment to the District of Columbia, its communities, and its families. The company volunteers considerable resources – money, people, and time to improve the quality of life in Washington, working in partnership with vendors, subcontractors, local and national organizations and the government of the District of Columbia. The main focus of their commitment to community is strengthening families and supporting education and workforce development. In addition to financial support, the company routinely performs repairs and restoration to the infrastructure of the schools they adopt. In recent years, they have made improvements to Garfield, Green, Patricia Harris, Patterson, Leckie and Stanton and St. Thomas More Elementary Schools; Washington Middle School for Girls; Johnson Jr. High School; and Ballou High School. They are also one of the primary corporate sponsors of the Ballou High School band. Their neighborhood beautification program extends to city libraries, police stations, parks and other public venues, as well.  

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