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Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We're changing the world one woman at a time. Women for Women International works with socially excluded women in eight countries where war and conflict have devastated lives and communities. Each woman we serve has her own story–some of loved ones murdered, and others of physical and emotional trauma. Most have endured a struggle for survival. When we enroll women in our one-year program, they learn job skills and receive business training so they can earn a living. They come to understand their rights and how to fight for those rights in their homes, their communities and their nations and become leaders. Women for Women International (WfWI) believes that lasting change can only be achieved when women have access to both knowledge and resources. When women are enrolled in the WfWI program they are matched with a global network of sponsors who provide monthly financial assistance and emotional support. - Monthly financial contributions are small stipends allowing a woman to cover basic necessities for herself and her family. - Letters from sponsors provide an emotional lifeline to a woman who may have lost everything due to war or conflict and serve as motivation for rebuilding confidence, and perseverance needed to accomplish our programs' goals. Our programs are organized into three stages as women increase their access to resources and knowledge: 1.Creating Awareness: Improving women's access to knowledge about their value and the importance of women's rights and societal roles. 2.Promoting Behavior Change: Encouraging a woman's willingness to actively make decisions in her family and community, apply knowledge to maintain physical and psychological wellness, to form or join women's and community groups and take advantage of economic opportunities. 3.Enabling Action: Providing opportunities to develop personal and group plans for action to allow women to become active citizens individually and in solidarity with other women. In addition, women are provided with support and access to essential services such as microcredit loans, legal assistance, cooperative and employment opportunities and social networks.  Where We Work: Women for Women International currently operates in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo (in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan. Women for Women International also has worked in Bangladesh, Croatia and Pakistan.  In 2009, Women For Women International: • Served 85,458 women through our core program and microcredit. • Distributed $16.6 million in direct aid and microcredit loans. • Facilitated the exchange of 104,787 letters between sponsors and their sisters. • Revised our core rights awareness and life skills curriculum to deepen program impact and equip women with tools to rebuild their lives, families and communities. • Implemented new country-specific income generation and employment strategies, including market-based vocational and business skills trainings and pilot projects linked to the consumer value-chain. • Developed innovative public-private partnerships to help women access the knowledge and resources they need to lead long-term change.

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