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The WSI has developed a unique methodology for mapping changes in women’s experiences regarding their safety and security, providing a source of data for activists, NGOs and policy makers in Israel WSI COALITION WSI is a coalition of 6 Jewish and Palestinian feminist organizations: Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center, Coalition of Women for Peace, Kayan Feminist Organization, Aswat Palestinian Gay Women, Women Against Violence, New Profile, each making it’s unique contribution to the project. REDEFINING SECURITY In Israeli discourse the term security “bitachon” is used mostly in the military sense.  But is it really the one and only threat to women’s sense of security, or even the biggest one? What are the elements that contribute to women’s sense of safety and security and what undermines it? How women’s safety is affected by their ethnicity, health, education, country of origin? REPORTS AS A TOOL FOR CHANGE WSI has published a number of reports, such as “The effects of 2014 war on Jewish and Palestinian women’s sense of security in Israel”, “Women, home and security”’  “Women and institutional violence”, “Security of LGBT women in Israel”,  “Economic stability and a sense of security of women “, “Women, disability and security”, which were presented to the decision makers, NGOs, media and general public. WSI  constitutes a reliable source of data regarding women’s perception of their security and is being used as an important tool for changing the lives of women living in Israel.   METHODOLOGY The surveys  include interviews hundreds of women, both Jewish and Palestinian. They offer women to mark how much different issues evokes in them a sense of insecurity and tension. These included: Domestic violence Financial insecurity, Health, Sexual violence Institutional violence, Loss of home, War, bombing and terror attacks,  Street violence, Economic insecurity, Attack due to belonging to a  minority. They also ask the interviewed about the actual experiences they underwent that undermine women’s sense of safety, their major sources of support, general feeling of security , as well as socio-demographic data.

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