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  • Founded2011

Word Scientists

Word Scientist is a not-for-profit organization that provides a central place for educators to learn how to teach early reading with accompanying materials that can be used in their classroom. Problem Access to quality early literacy resources and teacher training materials remains one of the most critical global issues facing schools. Research has demonstrated the importance of early literacy development –children who fail to learn to read by the 3rd grade have little chance of ever learning to read throughout their lives. Without quality educational resources and effective teaching strategies, schools are not successful in teaching students how to read. Without effective schools, there is no means for future generations to establish themselves, gain socioeconomic empowerment, and have the knowledge and skills to adapt to the challenges of the future. Solution Teacher knowledge is a robust predictor of student outcomes. In partnership with Hands in Outreach (HIO) and Intel, Word Scientists conducted research in Nepal to assess the effectiveness of our model (long-distance learning sessions supported by a prototype of WordScientists.org). 43 teachers who used the prototype were compared to 42 teachers of a similar background in the local area who had not been exposed to these resources. On a test of their knowledge of the foundations of literacy and early reading development, statistically significant differences were found between the two groups at a confidence level of 99%. Target outcomes: Impact Increasing literacy rates in resource-limited schools. Literacy opens up additional educational and economic opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Beneficiaries Teachers and their students (early stages of reading development) in settings where their schools cannot afford or gain access to quality classroom resources including professional development for teachers. Deployment The use of the software is free. So schools, teachers, and families (with or without access to the internet) can download, print, and view WordScientists.org to utilize its early literacy books, lesson guides, and training tutorials.
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