• Organization TypeFunding Agencies
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2001
In 2001, the World Bank Group established the Department of Institutional Integrity (INT), the investigative arm of the Bank Group, which was elevated to a Vice Presidency in 2008. What is INT's mandate? INT’s mandate is to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption related to Bank Group-supported activities (external investigations), as well as allegations of significant fraud or corruption involving staff (internal investigations). In addition, INT assists in preventive efforts to protect Bank Group funds, as well as those entrusted to the Bank Group, from misuse and to deter fraud and corruption in Bank Group operations.   Who We Are INT staff are professionals from a range of disciplines. The team includes experts in law, ethics, investigation (at international, national and state level), prosecution, forensic accounting and financial analysis, criminology, research, communications, data management, and staff with experience in country programs and procurement, among other areas.   As is the case with many other Bank staff, designated INT staff share their knowledge and experiences both internally and externally through publishing, participating as speakers at conferences, and networking with various communities and associations.  INT staff hails from countries representing all Bank regions, and speaks more than 25 languages.   What We Do The Vice Presidency for Integrity (INT) investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion, and obstructive practices related World Bank Group-financed projects.  In addition, it investigates allegations of serious staff misconduct. Besides investigations, INT also helps improve compliance of World Bank policies and prevent corruption by a variety of means, including training Bank staff to detect and deter fraud and corruption in Bank Group projects and improve control and compliance systems.  Since 1999, INT has investigated and closed nearly 3,000 cases.  The Bank publishes an annual integrity report with aggregate data, outcomes and generic descriptions of significant cases. To ensure the independence of its activities, the Vice President for Integrity reports directly to the President of the World Bank Group.   Why We Do It The work of the Integrity Vice Presidency contributes directly to the mission of the World Bank Group and to meeting the Millenium Development Goals in 2015.  Reducing fraud and corruption in World Bank projects helps ensure that Bank funds are used for their intended purposes: to alleviate poverty and increase prosperity and stability in our borrowing countries.  Working with others in the international development institutions, our goal is to measurably reduce the amount of development assistance funds lost to fraud, corruption and abuse and increase the quality and results of development efforts. 

Where is World Bank INT
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Staff at World Bank INT have experience in


  • climate change
  • development
  • solar / wind / biofuels
  • public administration
  • research & development


  • united states agency for international development
  • international monetary fund
  • european union
  • non-governmental organization
  • foundation


  • pakistan
  • ethiopia
  • colombia
  • united states
  • netherlands


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

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Current staff

  • Elisabeth Wiramidjaja
    Investigator, Integrity Vice Presidency, The World Bank

Former staff

Company Offices
  • United States (headquarters)
  • Washington, DC
  • 1818 H Street, NW


Primary sectors

Software / Web Design
Monitoring / Evaluation
Data Management
Research & Development
Public Administration
Banking System
Disaster Preparation
Climate Change
Architecture / Design
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