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The Wyss Foundation is a private, charitable foundation dedicated to supporting innovative, lasting solutions that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen connections to the land. Climbing and hiking the Rocky Mountains as a young man, Hansjorg Wyss developed a lifelong love for America’s open lands and a passion for discovery and innovation. With a successful career in life-saving medical science, Mr. Wyss created the Wyss Foundation in 1998 to help ensure that the iconic Western landscapes that inspired him are protected for everyone to experience and explore. Today, the Wyss Foundation’s philanthropy supports projects in areas from conservation and education to economic opportunity and social justice. Each philanthropic investment seeks to encourage new ideas and new solutions that expand the reach of human possibility and compassion. The Wyss Foundation’s grantmaking is by invitation only. Philanthropy Land Since its establishment in 1998, the Wyss Foundation has invested more than $175 million to help local communities, land trusts and non-profit partners conserve nearly 14 million acres in the West for future generations to explore and enjoy. Communities Grateful for the opportunities, education, and innovative spirit of the United States that helped launch his own career, Mr. Wyss is committed to helping ensure that everyone has the chance to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potential. The Wyss Foundation works to achieve this goal by investing in programs and initiatives that expand economic opportunity and help more Americans enter the middle class. Discovery Mr. Wyss’s passion for innovation and discovery runs throughout his philanthropy. At the Wyss Foundation, they invest in conservation projects that forge new partnerships and new approaches to protecting land. In the work to expand economic opportunity and empower communities, they help incubate new thinking and new ideas that can help move beyond old paradigms and divisions. Above everything, they want to help find solutions that work and that stand the test of time. 
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