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Xinjiang University is a national key university, is the national "211 project" construction of colleges and universities, the national western development focus on the construction of colleges and universities, the Ministry of Education and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government to build colleges and universities. History The predecessor of Xinjiang University was founded in 1924 in Xinjiang Russian legal schools. January 1935 converted into Xinjiang Institute, October 1, 1960, officially named Xinjiang University, in 1978 by the State Council identified as the only national key universities in Xinjiang, 1997 was included in the national "211 Project" key construction colleges and universities, 2000 Year was identified as the national western development focus on the construction of colleges and universities. December 30, 2000, Xinjiang University and the original Xinjiang Institute of Technology merged to form a new Xinjiang University. In 2004, the school became the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Government, the Ministry of Education "to build a district" colleges and universities. In 2012, the school was listed as the national "central and western colleges and universities to enhance the comprehensive strength of work" to build colleges and universities. In 1938, Dean of the Xinjiang Institute of Linji Road to Yan'an "anti-big" as an example, put forward the "unity, tension, simple, lively" character motto. After several decades of school practice, in 1985, the new adults to further develop concise "unity, progressive, truth-seeking, innovative" school motto. Unity is the source of strength, is the strength of all teachers and students cohesion, the development of education undertakings. Endeavor, is the new adults positive and optimistic, progressive spirit of the spirit of the new adults continue to pursue progress, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of quality. Truth-seeking, is everything from the reality, seeking truth from facts; adhere to rigorous scholarship, apply their knowledge, knowledge and practice. Innovation is to emancipate the mind, advancing with the times, the courage to explore, inclusive, highlight the characteristics, dare to play. School emblem Determined in 1995. The overall pattern of the school badge is two concentric circles, the implication of the unity of all ethnic groups teachers and students. The school logo is the earliest teaching building of Xinjiang University - Red House. "Tianshan" pattern that the geographical characteristics of Xinjiang University --- Tianshan at the foot of. "1924" for the creation of Xinjiang University time. "Six petals" pattern symbolizes the Xinjiang University students all over the world, peach flowers in full bloom. Between the two circles, is the Chinese, Uighur, English writing "Xinjiang University" school name.

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