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Founded in 1810, the Yale School of Medicine is a world-renowned center for biomedical research, education and advanced health care. Among its 28 departments are one of the nation’s oldest schools of public health and the internationally recognized Child Study Center, founded in 1911. Its Yale Cancer Center is one of 41 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute. Affiliated institutions include the 944-bed Yale-New Haven Hospital—flagship of the Yale New Haven Health System—and the Connecticut Mental Health Center, Pierce Laboratory, and VA Connecticut Healthcare System in nearby West Haven. The School of Medicine consistently ranks among the handful of leading recipients of research funding from the National Institutes of Health and other organizations supporting the biomedical sciences, and belongs to medical organizations including the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC). The school’s unique curriculum, known as the Yale system of medical education, promotes teaching in small seminar, conference and tutorial settings, and requires student self-evaluation, independent thinking and investigation. Since 1839, Yale has required that each student complete a thesis based on original research prior to graduation. Graduates of the school have gone on to significant leadership positions in virtually every medical field, as well as many non-medical areas.   OFFICE OF GLOBAL HEALTH The mission of the Department of Internal Medicine’s Office of Global Health is to confront the disparities in global health through research, education and health services in partnership with institutions serving resource-limited communities around the world. In partnership with the Yale/Stanford Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars Program, the Office of Global Health provides career-changing experiences for medical residents who want to help patients in greatest need while seeking to expand their own understanding of human health and disease by seeing how medicine is practiced in other parts of the world.  Through our other activities, we help to build “human infrastructure” to improve care of patients in under-resourced communities around the world. Our long-term commitments to partner sites in South Africa, Uganda, Liberia, Rwanda and Indonesia are to benefit patients and physicians in these host countries while improving training of US-based physicians in global health. Physicians in the program are both learners and teachers when they visit a host site. They may bring equipment as well as educational materials to help the site expand its capacity to care for the sick. In turn, they are re-introduced to the diagnostic value of such time-tested practices as the physical exam and the taking a thorough medical history. Our partner sites also send physicians for further training to Yale. Our program is in Kampala, Uganda, at Mulago Hospital, the teaching hospital of Makerere University. Yale faculty and residents work side by side with their counterparts from Makerere, and physicians from Makerere come to New Haven for training in selected subspecialties critical to providing better care to their patients. This site also serves as a site for bilateral exchange between students at Yale School of Medicine and Makerere College of Health Sciences. The program in Tugela Ferry, in KwaZulu Natal,  South Africa, run by Dr. Gerald Friedland is primarily a research site for evaluation of diagnosis and treatment of HIV/TB co-infection while providing a wonderful setting for training of residents interested in this area. Our program is expanding. We now participate in and sponsor classes in tropical medicine and global health for medical, nursing, physician associate and public health students who seek to understand not just disease diagnosis and treatment, but the social, political, economic and cultural factors that contribute to a community’s health care needs.
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