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Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) is a specialized institute in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Based in Cairo, the institute was founded in 2006 and registered on August 16th, 2006 (registration No. 6638), under the Egyptian Law No. 84/2002 on Non-Governmental Organizations. Etijah’s primary concern is to create and tailor up-to-date and high-quality development methodologies, research tools, applicable practices of youth development and training delivery models, to be able to qualify youth by providing them with the skills, know-how and aptitudes, as well as contribute in building the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations. Their role is to provide youth with direct access to unconditional participation by providing them with practical tools and models for developing community-wide initiatives. Realizing this dream requires creating and tailoring special educational curriculum, pre-service trainings and seminars,  job trainings, local and national accredited systems and programs as well as mentoring programs to offer to all people of interest. This in turn leads to the development of the different sectors and spheres  them to be social, economic, cultural, or health related, etc… in Egypt and the entire Arab world in a manner that complies with their cultures and traditions.  “Youth”or persons ranging between 15 and 30 years old  are their definite target. Etijah considers youth to be the most vital asset a country could have which specifically applies to the Arab world, where youth make up more than half of its population. It also perceives youth to be community builders instead of a burden on a community’s shoulders, as often misapprehended; they truly are the ones with all the answers. Youth workers are another targeted group, taking into consideration the critical role played by the cadre of youth worker who directly communicate with young people. Since most of the youth workers in Egypt entered the profession without solid formal education and training, and most of the knowledge, experience and skills were acquired on the job practicing which can often negatively affect the implementation of projects and services; Recognizing this reality, Etijah aims to serve as a consultancy institute that develops and enhances this professional cadre in Egypt and the Arab world. Etijah also works with governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations on building their capacity through enhancing and dispersing development methodologies, which further empowers those organizations; enables them to maximize their abilities to better serve youth in a proficient manner; as well as ensure the sustainability of their programs to cultivate development efforts in Egypt and the Arab world. In doing so, these organizations can better serve youth in a skillful and competent approach as well as support a professional and safe environment for the development of young people in Egypt. “Etijah enhances understanding and the valuing of youth as one of the most important assets a country could have, out of reinforcing and promoting purposed and effective methodologies that is conveyed withArabic culture especially in the community and youth development aspect” Objectives Etijah’s objectives lie in building the capacity of governmental and non-governmental youth-serving organizations so that Etijah could provide a professional and safe context for youth development in Egypt. The importance of providing other NGOs with different kind of assistance including the technical assistance, lies in the impact offostering strong partnership of those organizations with youth, and how they could transform youth from being beneficiaries into being effective actor in their communities which reflects directly on the efficiency of the partner NGOs. “Etijah considers practical means for youth development” Vision Etijah is working to promote and facilitate an equitable society in which all members (individuals, families and communities) have an equal opportunity to participate in building the social, political and economic infrastructure of Egypt. Etijah’s projects are geared towards creating an environment, in which all community members have the opportunity for advancement and to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and the subsequent society.

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