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Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is an independent environmental regulator and coordinating agency, established through an Act of Parliament, the Environmental Management Act no 12 of 2011. It is mandated to do all such things as are necessary to protect the environment and control pollution, so as to provide for the health and welfare of persons, animals, plants and the environment. ZEMA is governed by a board which provides strategic direction, develops policies approves its work plans and budget as well as monitoring of its functions as it relates to administration of the EMA. Core Values: Committed to upholding their values of customer service, integrity, transparency, accountability and partnerships by:  -Treating every customer/client with respect, dignity and fairness; -Upholding high standards of professionalism and ethics; -Ensuring transparency and openness in all their dealings at every level; -Ensuring that they are individually and collectively accountable for all they handle and all they do, including people, resources, decisions and actions; -Working with all, for the current and future generations, through strong partnerships at individual, household, community, sector, national, regional and global levels; and -Upholding the law as established. Mandate: “To ensure sustainable management of natural resources, protection of the environment and prevent and control pollution“ Mission: “To safeguard human welfare and the environment, through effective environmental management for present and future generations" Vision: “To be a world class environmental management authority that promotes quality service delivery for sustainable development"  

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