• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO, Association
  • Founded1905

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU)

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) is  a national membership based organization, with countrywide coverage, representing the agriculture industry. Specifically ZNFU represent small and large scale farmers; and agribusinesses. The member are currently categorized into : District Famers’ Association Commodity specialized associations Corporate Farming businesses The Agribusiness chamber and Association members. ZNFU is a founding member of the Southern Africa Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU),and also a member of the World Farmers Organization(WFO). Founded in 1905 ,ZNFU is historically one of the oldest association in Zambia. The union has existed under various names almost since the first large –scale  farms were established in Zambia in the early 1990s.Records show that a farmers’ association existed in the eastern province as early as 1905.Before independence in 1964,the ZNFU was called Rhodesia National Famers’ union. After independence name become Commercial Farmers Bureau. By 1992 ,this name had become outdated and misleading until independence . Until independence, the membership had been almost entirely confined to large –scale farmers. Since then ,there has been a steady growth of small farmers’ membership. This was accelerated in the early 1980s encouraged by a policy of keeping annual  subscription at a low level, and by an entry qualification which accepts any person or organization engaged in the business of agriculture in Zambia. The name was therefore changed in 1992 from “Commercial Farmer Bureau” to “Zambia National Farmers’ Union. For over 100 years ,ZNFU has been consistency and objectively serving Zambian Farmers and Agribusinesses. Mission Promoting and safeguarding the interest of members as individuals farmers, corporations /companies purveyors and other organization involved in the business of agriculture in order to achieve sustainable agriculture ,economic and social development. This mission statement sets out ; (1)Ground rules for ZNFU activities (2) Identifies not only what activities the ZNFU is in ,but also the core beliefs or guiding principles that underpin its activities and where it is heading (3) All objectives and strategies of the ZNFU are derived from the mission statement . Values ZNFU is non political and/non –partisan. The union has a strict Policy requiring every members to resign his/her union leadership post upon his/her involvement in national politics .Further, ZNFU is made up of members and led by regularly leaders. Objectives To promote and safeguard the interest of members . To support the conduct and the development of the agriculture industry in Zambia. To collect and distribute to members and others, information concerning agriculture and the marketing of agriculture produce or otherwise considered to be of interest to members. To print and publish magazines, periodicals ,books ,leaflets and other similar material thought desirable for the promotion of the other objectives of the union or of  interest to the members or intended to inform the public of matters concerning agriculture. To make representations to the government or to any competent authority with regard to matters directly or indirectly affecting agriculture (in its broadest sense ). To subscribe to the funds of any association or body having objectives or interest similar or  complementary to those of the union for purposes, which in the opinion of the union governing body ,would or might be beneficial to the agriculture  industry . Generally and without any restriction which otherwise be implies from the foregoing objects ,to promote and safeguard the interest of  members and the development and progress of agriculture of agriculture industry in Zambia. Core Functions ZNFU core functions include ;lobbying and advocacy ;members services provision and support ;information dissemination and communication with members. Through these core functions ,ZNFU promotes and safeguards the members’ interests ;and the development of the agricultural industry .In support of the above core functions, ZNFU also performs the following functions: Supports development of agriculture by organizing members into association to create an effective voice on concerns in the agriculture industry. Makes representations on behalf of members to government or to any competent authority with regard to matters affecting agriculture whether directly or indirectly. Collects and distributes to members ,in print and electronic form,  information on agriculture and agricultural marketing. It’s also prints and distributes information of material interest to members and other stakeholders in form of periodical, magazine ,position  and research papers. Facilitates and creates institutional linkages by subscribing to any association or body having objects or interests similar to or complimentary to those of the union.
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