• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersUkraine
  • Founded2006
Improving the quality of human life by giving a good alternative – this is the principle which they rely on when forming their portfolio. ZDRAVO performs the entire complex of works related to new medication entering the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. This work includes searching, registration, exclusive scenario of adaptation to the market needs, and the strategy of promotion. Unique principles of work, extended customers base, competent team – all this helps a new medication to win trust and become successful in the shortest terms possible. Among their partners –manufacturers are such companies as Ecofarminvest, Farmstandart, Gerofarm, Polysan, Biotechnological Company Fyrn М, Peptech, Noventis, PHarma V.A.M., Rusan, Centro Farmaceutico Nacional (CFN). Among their partners –distributors are such leading Ukrainian companies as Fra-M, Venta, Optima Farm, Alba, and BaDM. VISION Zdravo Company corporate vision is based on the principles of: Honesty, Ethicality, Openness. This is their Code of Honor, the heart of their corporate culture. Mutual support and leadership at all levels makes them a unique Team. Only consolidated team can generate that powerful energy thanks to which the company goes forward and grows. SOCIAL INITIATIVE ‘ZDRAVO'S  ALTERNATIVE’ ZDRAVO`s strategic goal is health of the nation. That is why social responsibility policy is the integral part of ZDRAVO activities. They understand that customers expect from them not only efficient medical products, but care of the society as a whole. And they try to satisfy these expectations by implementing their long-term program Social initiative ‘Good alternative’. The art-therapeutic project «Recover your natural abilities» became the start of this program implementation, which goal consisted in improvement of psycho emotional condition of children that undergo long-term treatment and rehabilitation in the in-patient clinics by art therapy with professional artists. All paintings of the project participants were put on the charitable auction all the earnings of which were directed at buying medical equipment for Kiev Epilepsy Center. The following project was a series of family master-classes based on the method of fairytale-therapy organized by their company together with the Ukrainian Medical Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Organic Lesions of Nervous System of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. Educational programs became another line of activities of their company. In the conditions of economic instability timely obtaining of information is crucial, especially when it concerns information related to legal aspects of medical practice. They believe timely informing their partners on changes in this field to be their professional duty. The very first legal master-class was organized by ZDRA.

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  • Ukraine (headquarters)
  • Kiev
  • Avtozavodskaya street 54/19 A