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Zefat Academic College


  • Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersIsrael
  • Founded2007
The Zefat Academic College Mission To serve the multiculturalism of the Galilee as a quality academic institute with a social orientation; To develop and promote areas of interest and provide a required profession and a meaningful value shared by students, lecturers, the institution and the community. The college's vision, location, diverse populations and the fields of study developed over the years have positioned it as a college with a social and multi-cultural orientation, a college whose fields of development are in society, health and welfare - all for the good of the Galilee population, and the Israeli society as a whole. Zefat Academic College History Zefat Academic College is a rapidly growing public college located at the gateway to the historic city of Zefat. The College, originally an extension of Bar-Ilan University, was granted independent accreditation by Israel’s Council of Higher Education in 2007. Today, over 2,500 students are enrolled in the college’s baccalaureate programs in health sciences, law, the humanities and the social sciences. More than 90% of the students have roots in the multicultural Galilee and a high proportion of alumni launch their careers in underserved communities throughout Israel’s northern periphery. Zefat Academic College’s academic programs and multi-disciplinary tracks are being developed by prominent scholars, including Israel Prize laureates. In the years ahead, the College will seek to establish accredited master’s degree programs in fields of nursing and social work. The College’s approach to campus development and innovative technology is also fast-forward, and includes the preservation and the transformation of historic buildings into state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and simulation centers. A new library, auditorium and additional facilities will host cultural events for the benefit of the public-at-large. The College is an anchor for the economic development of the city and the region. Community service is at the heart of ZAC’s mission. Every year, students contribute some 10,000 hours to projects dedicated to the needs of children and at-risk youth, disadvantaged families, new immigrants and the elderly. Faculty and students share a commitment to making a difference through initiatives planned in partnership with local and regional authorities. Zefat Academic College is advancing an academic spirit of urban and regional renewal to serve Zefat, the Galilee and Israeli society at large.  

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