Amanda L.

United States


I sat down in my first sociology class in 2009. As my professor introduced the class she said this simple statement: "Sociology is meant for us to understand why people do the things they do." It was then and there that my life suddenly made sense as I realized what I had always desired - to understand others, and the motivations that fuel their decisions. This is when my professional pursuit, to understand as many people in this world that I could, began. Today, I have successfully worked, understood, and integrated with an array of people. Some of the people I hold relationships with are defined as "different" from me because their mind and body have developed at a different rate than mine, or because of the country they come from, their skin color, and/or their culture. As I go through life, I don't see the people I encounter as being "different." Sure, they may eat on the floor with their hands, while I eat at a table. They may pop out their breast in a meeting in order to feed their baby, when I would feel culturally compelled to cover up. They also may not be nice to dogs, while I let my dog sleep in bed with me. In the end though, these differences simply do not matter. I find the similarities I hold with others effortlessly. Cultural differences are simply just "culture," and I find myself thrilled when I have the opportunity to experience and to understand why people do particular things that are different than me. This is what has brought me such success in not only my work, but in my personal relationships. I have the unique ability to understand, empathize, and connect with just about any individual, despite their culture or religion. If you want to understand me, and what motivates me, please email me at to learn more. Specialties: humans, capacity building, sustainable development, coordinating events and projects, as well as managing and implementing projects


  • community
  • heritage
  • health
  • anthropology
  • child and maternal health
  • Sectors
  • Funders
  • Countries
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