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If you know what MDB, CSR, ODA, DFI, NGO, CSO and ESG mean, then Devex Pro is for you. Our reporters and analysts bring you inside the boardrooms and take you to the frontlines to understand how the aid industry works (and sometimes doesn’t).

Here’s what you get:

  • Proprietary, data-driven analysis and reporting that goes one-level deeper on the most important global development issues of the day — from food systems to financial inclusion to fracases atop UN agencies and among development leaders.

  • A special, Pro-only weekend newsletter designed to give you a jump-start and a comparative advantage for the week ahead (it’s filled with insider tid-bits).

  • Exclusive digital events where you can hear from and interact directly with Devex’s top reporters, editors, and analysts - as well as industry insiders, policymakers, and leaders we invite in.

  • Thousands of previously-published articles on agriculture, energy, climate, nutrition, infrastructure, governance, and more - indispensable background.

  • Access to the world's largest development job board.

  • VIP access to networking opportunities and special sessions at Devex summits.

Deciphering development and making a bigger impact

Devex news is smart reporting on serious global issues. We scrutinize hype and place controversy in context. Our mission is to write the stories that enable our members to do more good for more people.

Our vision for Devex Pro is a community of development, global health, humanitarian aid and sustainability professionals equipped with insights, news and analysis that empower you and your organization to quickly make sense of the complex, transform information into action and solve some of the world’s most pressing global challenges.

Devex Pro is our paid news subscription, enabling our social enterprise to invest in the world-class journalism the global development community expects and deserves. For students and staff of some small organizations, we offer special discounts. Contact us to learn more.

Here are just a few topics we cover for our Devex Pro subscribers

  • Agriculture & Rural Development

  • Careers & Education

  • Funding

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Institutional Development

  • Project Management

  • Trade & Policy

  • Banking & Finance

  • Energy

  • Democracy, Human Rights & Governance

  • Innovation & ICT

  • Media & Communications

  • Research

  • Urban Development

  • Economic Development

  • Environment & Natural Resources

  • Global Health

  • Infrastructure

  • Private Sector

  • Social/Inclusive Development

  • Water & Sanitation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Devex Pro is a paid news and analysis subscription from Devex. Subscribers get daily must-read news, proprietary analysis and reporting, a special Pro-only newsletter, exclusive digital events, and access to thousands of previously published articles.
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If you know what MDB, CSR, ODA, DFI, NGO, CSO and ESG mean, then Devex Pro is for you. Our reporters and analysts bring you inside the boardrooms and take you to the frontlines to understand how the aid industry works (and sometimes doesn’t). Subscribe to Devex Pro to decipher development and make a bigger impact.
Devex Pro costs $399 with an annual subscription or $49.99 on a month-to-month basis. Your first 15 days of Devex Pro are free with an annual subscription. After that your credit card will be charged. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Your subscription cannot be shared or used by more than one person. We do offer group and corporate subscriptions for those interested in providing Devex Pro access to multiple people. Contact us to learn more.
We offer group discounts on Devex Pro subscriptions for teams of 5 or more and enterprise-wide subscriptions. Contact a member of our team now to learn more.
Yes, we offer discounts on Devex Pro and Pro Funding for certain individuals and organizations, and particularly those based in low and middle income countries that are not part of an international organization. Get in touch with us to know if you qualify.
You can pay for your Devex Pro subscription by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Discover). Additional payments options are available to organizations with a team or corporate subscription. Contact us to learn more about them.
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