Professional Membership

Digital event: Networking 101

By Emma Smith

Whether you are job hunting or looking to be more impactful in your current role, networking is critical to advancing your career. Yet, for many, networking is an anxiety-inducing word. Executive career coach Shana Montesol Johnson joins Devex to shares tips for finding ways to network across cultures and geographies while playing to your natural strengths.

Insider tips on working with UN-Habitat

Under new leadership — and pushing the New Urban Agenda — the sometimes unsung UN-Habitat is poised to offer many opportunities for development organizations and professionals, says Raf Tuts, UN-Habitat's director of programs. Tuts gives Devex the lowdown on what the UN's city-focused agency is looking for.

Are global health organizations gender responsive or gender blind?

A new report examining the gender structure and policies of 140 global health organizations shows that men dominate leadership positions. It also reveals that the majority of these organizations lack concrete gender policies in the workplace and in their programs.

Opinion: Women need both competency and confidence to break the glass ceiling

Confidence plays almost as much of a role in women securing leadership positions as competence. This is part of #GlobalDevWomen, our campaign about women working in international development.

Opinion: How men can become better allies to women

"We can start by looking more closely at the impact our actions have on our closest personal and professional relationships," writes Stepping Up founder Paul Mann.

Top global development NGO employers in London

London is a bustling hub for international development nongovernmental organizations, consultancy firms, and governmental organizations alike. Here is a roundup of the some of the largest employers located in the United Kingdom capital, including what kind of people they hire and links to current job openings.

Q&A: Judy Heumann on how donors can drive disability-inclusive development

Ahead of a conference hosted by Leonard Cheshire Disability in London next week, Devex speaks to renowned disability rights campaigner Judy Heumann about what she wants to see from donors.

Opinion: Why we can’t separate sexism from racism in the humanitarian and development sector

Angela Bruce Raeburn, associate director for Advocacy at the Global Health Advocacy Incubator and former humanitarian advisor for Oxfam, writes on what "doing good" means in the wake of #MeToo.

British Council on the lookout for future leaders

The British Council is now accepting applications for the 2018 Future Leaders Connect program, which looks to create a global network of aspiring policy leaders. Participants from last year's program share their tips for applying.

What is changing in Australian Aid's new volunteer program?

The newest iteration of Australian Volunteers for International Development will maintain its development focus linked to the strategic objectives of the Australian Aid program, but will increase the diversity of volunteers with a new inclusion strategy.