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Brazil to tackle its 'wicked problems' with new SDGlab

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By Kelli Rogers

Brazilian civil society organization Agenda Pública has combined Sustainable Development Goal 17 with its own facilitation strategies and change theory to tackle the country’s most dynamic problems. Here's what they've learned so far.

Opinion: 3 traits of successful implementation scientists

In many ways, implementation is a science like any other. Global Health Corps Senior Director for Advocacy and Communications Jess Mack outlines the three traits of successful implementation scientists.

Opinion: Compassion fatigue is natural. Here's how to deal with it.

Helping people in distress in turn can cause distress. Here are some tools to deal with it, from resiliency specialist Tabitha Mann.

Top skills to succeed in global development advocacy

Advocacy is critical to organizations in securing funding, shaping programs and creating sustainable change. Whether you work in a dedicated advocacy role or wear an advocacy hat from time to time, here are the tops skills you should hone according to experts.

Aid workers witnessing: What are the impacts on aid workers?

Aid workers witnessing can be an important way of communicating with the outside world on human rights or other abuses occurring within developing countries. But what are the impacts on aid workers? It was a question Elizabeth Lennon addressed with research findings presented at the Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference.

'Staggering' number of attacks on health care workers reported in 2016

The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition released its latest findings on attacks on health care workers and facilities from 2016, showing a continued "widespread and extremely serious problem."

How to succeed as an independent consultant in global development

For many global development professionals, the flexibility and diversity of a consulting career is very appealing. However, establishing yourself as an independent consultant is not without its challenges. In this exclusive Devex webinar, we hear from four seasoned consultants who share their advice for setting up and succeeding as an independent consultant.

48 hours in Brussels: A development insider's guide

Home to the European Commission and other European institutions, agencies and bodies plus a slew of contractors, sundry NGOs, and Belgian officials — development workers have more than enough to keep them busy in Brussels. Here are some tips that we hope will put some icing on the waffle of your visit.

Lessons from Burkina Faso's inclusive education system

Burkina Faso is aiming to more fully integrate disabled persons into society, starting with education. Devex visits a school that teaches disabled and non-disabled students in the same classroom, a first step in empowering them for a life of greater opportunity.

Urban planning jobs: What you need to know

Urban planners are in demand in the global development sector and with the growing emphasis on smart city building, they will likely find their expertise increasingly sought after. If you are considering a job as an urban planner in global development, here are some of the skills you should develop and opportunities you can expect.

48 hours in Paris: A development insider's guide

Many development professionals run similar routes for meetings in Paris. Yet we always have extra time. Right? With the OECD Global Forum on Development happening this week, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your visit to the French capital.

5 tips for applying to WFP's Junior Professional Officers program

The World Food Programme's JPO program offers a chance to kickstart a career in international development. Former WFP Human Resources Director Prerana Issar shares tips for applicants, and tells Devex how young professionals across the sector can start now to set out their long-term career goals.

4 insights for better youth training in rural sub-Saharan Africa

A recent report by the Mastercard Foundation exposes gaps in African capacity-building strategies and offers suggestions on how to better approach employment trainings to reach more youth in Africa, specifically in rural populations.

Why Save the Children is recruiting a storyteller to save lives

Save the Children's new Emergency Health Unit will provide a rapid medical response in humanitarian crises. And as part of the team, a storyteller will be an essential asset in their lifesaving operations.

Opinion: For aid workers, is burnout part of the job description?

Burnout among aid workers has unique triggers. Humanitarian psychologist Alessandra Pigni gives tips for recognizing burnout — and how organizations can prevent it in the first place.

Moving back to Africa to start a social enterprise? Read this first

More and more young Africans in diaspora are taking a leap to start their business and social enterprise on the continent. What has it been like for those who returned? What are the things to consider before making a move back to Africa? Three social entrepreneurs who have successfully launched a social impact business on the continent shared their experience and five tips with Devex.

From aid worker to social entrepreneur: 6 tips to make the leap

A corporate lawyer turned U.N. aid worker turned social entrepreneur shares her advice on how to move from aid worker to innovator.