Gibe III Hydropower Project (Ethiopia) for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Regarding Lake Turkana and Cumulative Impact Assessment of the Cascade of Hydropower Projects Located on the Omo River in Luxembourg: General Procurement Notice

Funded by European Investment Bank - EIB
Location Ethiopia
Deadline not specified

The Gibe III Hydropower Project (for which the total cost is estimated at some EUR 1.5 billion) is the third development in a cascade of water resource schemes (Gilgel Gibe/Gibe I and II are in operation) on the main Gibe/Omo River. Further hydropower schemes downstream on the river are envisaged.
The objective of this Technical Assistance Programme is to produce the following studies:    (i) Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Lake Turkana to which the Omo River is one of the
   main tributaries. This has not been studied previously;    (ii) Cumulative Impact Assessment: to determine the magnitude and significance of the cumulative
   impacts on the environment and people associated with the construction and operation of the Omo
   River hydroelectric cascade;    (iii) Integration of findings of the various individual studies related to the environmental and social
   impact of Gibe III;    (iv) Community Development Programme study, that will identify potential areas to enhance the
   livelihoods of people living in the Omo delta and around Lake Turkana.
These studies are part of the fact finding exercise of the EIB in coordination with other potential lenders to the project, and will guide the decision if and how to provide financing to the project. The working language shall be English.
This is a General Procurement Notice and specific contracts shall be announced as soon as they become available.

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