Business Development Manager

Nairobi, Kenya
Apply by 13 August 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 14 July 2018

Job Description

Living Goods is growing rapidly. Last year we reached more than 6 million people. In 2021, we will reach more than 25 million. Reaching more people requires more funding.

We’re looking for someone who wants to pour their heart and soul into helping us identify and secure funds from donors like USAID, multilaterals, and foundations and corporations. We want self-starters who are excited to work in a growing organization, can write well, and have fun.

Develop winning proposals.You will drive proposals for funding from donor identification to submission and stewardship. You will lead proposal teams to identify timelines, responsibilities and win themes. You will write concept notes, create supplementary materials, and roll up your sleeves to occasionally draft key sections. After submission, you will hold debriefings with proposal teams to learn lessons and hone best practices for program development efforts.

Monitor the landscape. You will monitor grant opportunities and conduct pipeline forecasting and donor surveillance. You will monitorUSG-funded and donor-funded websites, like and Development Aid, and Development Executive Group to track the release of procurements. You will also attend industry conferences, meetings and briefings to identify funding opportunities.

Promote Living Goods.You will raise awareness about Living Goods by cultivating relationships with Uganda based NGOs and multilateral and donors like USAID. You will identify strategic speaking opportunities and represent Living Goods at donor events and global health meetings and conferences.

Hone systems.You will document and implement business processes, procedures, and templates to improve the work flow of the business development team.

Motivate & organize people. Each proposal effort you lead is a chamber orchestra comprised of external partners and internal colleagues. You will serve as the conductor of each orchestra – leading discussions on win themes, creating buy-in around responsibilities and timelines, and guiding players every step in the proposal process.

About the Organization

Do you want your work to matter? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference, not just a living? Do you want to improve millions of lives, including your own?

Living Goods works to reinvent how we improve the lives of the under-served. We think big, but operate small and nimble. We train community health workers to bring life-saving products and health services to families’ doorsteps. Services like prenatal assessments and well baby visits. Products like medicines, fortified foods, and modern contraceptives.

We also empower community health workers through mobile phones. We teach them how to detect and treat common illnesses like pneumonia, malaria, malnutrition, and diarrhea. We develop smart phone apps to guide home visits and create predictive algorithms to make the best use of community health workers' time. And we test new cool tools like paperless referrals to clinics and biosensors to monitor infant and child growth.

At Living Goods, you will have the chance to apply your ideas and creativity at work every day. If you work well in a dynamic collaborative culture, set high standards, and meet challenges with determination and a sense of humor, you’ll thrive here at Living Goods.

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