Designer, Short-term Consultant

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 18 June 2020

Job Description

Project Overview: The My Health, My Life (MHML) Activity, a USAID/Zimbabwe-supported initiative, aims to create a movement that breaks down message fatigue barriers around complex, intertwined health issues challenging adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Zimbabwe. This two-year activity will support AGYW in health behavior change by moving their world through a vibrant, multi-media reality. In partnership with USAID’s local implementing partners in Zimbabwe, the DKP Consortium (Kaizen, Impact(Ed) International (Formerly Discovery Learning Alliance), and Picture Impact (PI)) will design, produce, and distribute an ‘edu-tainment’ movie, interactive card game, and audience engagement strategy to promote social behavior change and support a healthy, vibrant future for Zimbabwe.

About the Movie:

Shaina tells the story of a group of Zimbabwean friends facing life-changing obstacles. As they fight to overcome their circumstances, they discover that by believing in themselves they can forge the futures of their dreams.

The film follows teenagers Shine, Stella, Faro and Busi as they face very grown-up problems – loss of loved ones, overdue exam fees and the curse of “blessers”.

When Shine, an inspired amateur engineer who hosts her friends’ dance troupe on the side, is faced with losing everything, she considers giving up. Her friend Stella, supporting younger siblings through sex work, is bound by promise to her dying parents. Private schoolgirl Faro has her sights set on fashion design school but has to face an unexpected obstacle – and the fury of her strict mother. Shine’s next door neighbor Busi well understands hardship; her family is just returning from the brink as her father recovers from a long fight with TB.

The friends may start as victims, but they end as survivors. Together, they find the confidence to challenge toxic relationships, the ingenuity to grow a business and the courage to build a new kind of life. It’s a story about friendship, forgiveness and the very real power to be found in girls supporting girls.

It’s a story about something Zimbabweans excel at – resilience.

Shaina supports Zimbabwean AGYW and their male counterparts in health behavior change by using an entertaining and locally relevant film to model transformational shifts in mindset. The goal is to ultimately increase the self-efficacy of young women, preparing them to make more informed decisions about their health by empowering them to replace behaviors that may be detrimental to their health with behaviors that positively contribute to their wellbeing, and drive a culture of positive masculinity that encourages men of all ages to act as allies in building healthy societal gender norms.

Scope of Work: The Designer’s primary responsibility is to design a film facilitation guide for the Shaina movie DVD using content supplied by the technical writer. The guide will help facilitators stimulate open conversation with AGYW and community members about sexual health issues, positive masculinity, and empowered decision-making. It may be required to include sections covering: Plot Summary and Main Characters, Purpose and Key Messages/Themes, Learning Objectives, Notes for Facilitators and Ideas to Stimulate Discussion.

The design must be visually appealing, easy to understand, and incorporate key themes and design elements from the film and its associated style guide/promotional material. Content will include appropriate images from the film and sponsorship material. The guide will be the size of a standard DVD insert and must be a minimum of 12 pages (not including front and back cover) and a maximum of 20 pages (not including front and back cover). The guide will be designed to be printed on double-sided glossy, color paper. The role will require excellent design skills for the creation of a visually pleasing facilitation guide. The Designer will be required to work with a Technical Writer that will direct the content of the film facilitation guide. The Designer will work closely with the DKP Consortium to develop design layout and graphics for the film facilitation guide. Overall layout and design of the guide will be agreed upon with the DKP Consortium, but may mimic previous guides, including the Lucky Specials film facilitation guide which can be referenced here.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  • Outstanding content and graphic design skills
  • Experience in working with design applications including the Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop/InDesign in particular
  • Experience creating designs that incorporate significant text and information in compelling layouts
  • Evidence of the ability to oversee and deliver high quality content
  • A high degree of autonomy with appropriate consultation where applicable
  • Experience with USAID-funded contracts (preferred)
  • Fluent English

Level of Effort: The level of effort for this assignment will not exceed 15 days.

Application Requirements: Please submit your CV, a sample of past portfolios and three (3) references.

Accepting Applications through July 3, 2020.

About the Organization

The Kaizen Company (Kaizen) is a development consulting firm that cultivates innovative, scalable solutions that address emerging market challenges and opportunities. For more than a decade, Kaizen has brought innovation into the world of donor-funded international development in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In parallel, Kaizen has been incubating innovations to scale through market forces to achieve development objectives without the need for donor funding. Our proven solutions catalyze locally driven organizational and institutional performance improvements and establish communities of practice that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and the achievement of shared goals.

We leverage existing knowledge, technology, and new media, and local peer networks to support local reforms. Since our inception, we have provided support to more than 100 government, private-sector, and non-profit organizations in markets worldwide.

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