ICT Platform Senior Advisor

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 20 February 2019
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Closing on 3 March 2019
  • Current

Job Description

Responsible for working within the different contractors, stakeholders and SEED components to enhance the development and launch of an online ICT platform that comprehensively and sustainably supports the information needs of Egyptian MSMEs and entrepreneurs, as well as utilization of online channels to improve visibility and drive traffic & other performance standards. The responsibility will also include analyzing, reviewing, recommending and implementing digital strategies and tactics including optimization for conversion and SEO as well as focusing on local search optimization.
He/ She must have very strong programming skills.
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Main Duties and responsibilities:
Liaison with Stakeholders & Software development firms.
 Validate scopes of work and requirements.
 Coordinating platform requirements with platform owner, SEED Staff, stakeholders and software development firms.
 Supervises developing the ICT platform with the development company or developing it by herself/ himself if it is a necessary with other team members.
 Cooperate with Marketing, Sales and Business Development teams to achieve the commercial targets of the platform.
Technical skills:
Website developing and Optimization
 Strong knowledge with PHP language and Laravel framework (at least 2 years of experiences).
 Strong Knowledge with Client side technologies Angular framework, JQuery library, CSS Bootstrap and html 5.
 Good experience building web API and using JSON files (1 year of experiences).
 General awareness of the latest and most applicable technologies that could better serve SEED project needs;
 Good experience in developing mobile apps with native language (Android and IOS) at least 3 years of experiences is preferred.
 Preferred experience in developing mobile apps with hypred mobile apps technology (React or Ionic framework).
Keyword Analysis, Research & Copywriting
 Performs information gathering services including technical website analysis, competitive/keyword research and link analysis.
 Conducts in-depth keyword research, focusing on driving organic search results or assisting with running a pay per click (PPC) campaign.
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
 Identifies and implements innovative SEO strategies.
 Performs SEO copywriting (SEO writing guidelines, e.g., where to place keywords in copy so that it gets the most traffic, how to write effective headlines and how to write effective call-to-action statements).
 Prepares detailed SEO strategy reports.
Local Search Optimization & Marketing
 Performs regular search audits to gauge each sponsor’s and advertiser’s visibility on major search engines.
 Maintains sponsor and advertiser listings within all local search channels (including Google Places, Bing Local Listing and Yahoo! Local).
Third Party Website Optimization
 Makes requested content changed to third party websites
 Advises on paid placement and ad space for specific third party websites
Online Paid/Unpaid Advertising
 Identifies stakeholders with needs and opportunities for paid/free advertising

About the Organization

USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) in Egypt project is part of the United States – Government of Egypt Trade and Investment Promotion in Egypt (TIPE) Bilateral Agreement. This Agreement focuses on strengthening the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurship. More specifically, the purpose of the SEED contract is to increase employment and income of MSMEs and entrepreneurs, especially those owned by women and youth in disadvantaged areas, by: (1) stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation; (2) enhancing formalization of private enterprises; (3) improving financial and non-financial services to MSMEs; (4) integrating MSMEs and entrepreneurs in progressive value chains; and (5) addressing enabling environment policy reform initiatives to facilitate MSME development that is aligned to the Government of Egypt’s (GOE) socio-economic development strategy.

SEED provides technical assistance, capacity building, and training to relevant stakeholders and counterparts in order to support the growth of MSMEs and promote entrepreneurship in Egypt. Stakeholders and counterparts include public sector reform champions, universities, BDS providers, mentors, business associations, investors, financial institutions, public organizations, MSMEs, and entrepreneurs. SEED will collaborate with other development partners (donors) and other USAID contractors to take full advantage of synergistic opportunities in achieving results. Special focus will be given to disadvantaged areas and population groups such as women and youth. Youth is defined for the purpose of this activity as individuals who are between ages of 15 and 29 years old.

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