Local Evaluation Specialist - REEP Africa

Kigali, Rwanda
Apply by 2 September 2018
Mid-level , Field assignment
Posted on 3 August 2018

Job Description

Dexis is seeking a Local Evaluation Specialist to support work on the Research for Effective Education Programming (REEP) – Africa contract. This project aims to generate Africa regional and country specific education data, analysis, and research, and to disseminate this knowledge through trainings and other appropriate forums. The primary objective of REEP-Africa is to provide the USAID Africa Bureau and Mission offices, as well as partner organizations, with evidence to assist in the prioritization of needs and inform sound education investments. In addition, REEP- Africa contributes to the capacity development of education personnel and partners by enhancing the use of research in decision-making, mainstreaming the application of feedback-loops and lessons learned into project design and implementation, and expanding the evidence and knowledge base on education initiatives.

As part of the REEP-Africa project, the USAID Rwanda Mission requested a performance evaluation of Huguka Dukore, its flagship workforce development and youth activity. The activity’s primary goals are to increase stable employment opportunities, including self-employment, for vulnerable youth; to improve youth training and employment systems; and to increase investment in skills for vulnerable youth. The program employs a Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach, with a focus on work readiness and the creation of, or linkage to, employment opportunities. The evaluation aims to determine the effectiveness of the activity and its implementation thus far. Specifically, the performance evaluation will examine the effectiveness of the project approach and implementation, assess the performance of the implementing partner, and identify areas for improvement or adjustment. The evaluation may explore how this activity relates to and feeds into the larger effort of USAID, the Government of Rwanda, and other partners, in furthering the country’s emphasis on human capital development.

The Local Evaluation Specialist will be responsible for ensuring high quality data collection and coordination of all in-country field operations. The Specialist will conduct KIIs, lead focus groups discussions, provide contextual expertise, and assist with logistics and scheduling in the field.


Serve as a local evaluator on a performance evaluation, including:

  • Conduct key informant interviews (KIIs), focus groups, and/or surveys.
  • Provide feedback and support on data collection instruments and sampling strategy.
  • Provide logistics support in-country, including contacting participants and scheduling interviews.
  • Write up detailed notes, and ensure quality transcription and translation of all focus groups and KIIs.
  • Participate in regular debriefs with home-office staff on evaluation findings.
  • Perform preliminary qualitative analysis.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in international development, economics, or a similar field.
  • A minimum of 5 years of evaluation and data collection and analysis experience.
  • Familiarity with USAID programming, particularly in Rwanda.
  • Knowledge of the workforce development sector and familiarity with the positive youth development (PYD) preferred.
  • Strong organizational, oral, and written communication skills.
  • Fluency in English required.
  • Should speak and understand at least one locally spoken language (French, Kinyarwanda.

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