Senior Advisor for Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 31 July 2020

Job Description



USAID/Dominican Republic is seeking the services of an off-shore U.S. citizen to provide assistance as a Senior Advisor for the Sustainable Environment and Economic Development office (SEED) under a Personal Services Contract (PSC) for a period up to two years beginning on or about September, 2020.. The Senior Advisor will serve as support to the SEED team and be responsible for managing, providing guidance, overseeing the portfolios, supervising, coach and mentor selected staff members.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The USPSC is assigned to serve as Senior Advisor in the USAID/DR Sustainable Environment and Economic Development office (SEED). Responsibilities include: leading and providing new guidance to project and activity design for the three portfolios, drafting content for the USAID/DR website that includes all portfolios, designing and implementing the program, and managing the resulting mechanisms. The individual will need to develop a new theory of change and logic models based on the assessments that have been conducted. Further, this individual will be required to lead programs and represent the Office in National and local government meetings. The USPSC will lead the preparation of the Project Appraisal document that reflects a wide, broad and varied program area for the newly awarded Local Works, Water and Sanitation and Caribbean Development program. The first year of the program will have an emphasis on analysis, preparing and finalizing documents with team consultation based on local, National and the current administration’s priorities that will have a national to regional impact. The individual should have knowledge on how to develop and award new initiatives, award new local partners, and with the principles surrounding the Journey of Self-Reliance. They will be applying this knowledge to interpret and adapt guidelines, regulations and precedents to analyze results and recommend changes and deviations. This work requires continuing efforts to establish concepts, theories, or programs or to resolve unyielding problems especially in regards to the Border program which is seen as politically controversial. The position will be technically responsible for independently administering projects and serve under the management of the Office Chief of the SEED Office.

The USPSC will provide and develop guidance and mentorship to SEED Office in the implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation of new awards including purchase orders. This will require originating new techniques, establishing criteria and information and having flexibility in their approach This will include identifying opportunities for developing and, in some cases, streamlining processes and solutions in the office. The individual will also provide actionable recommendations on optimizing organization, and coordination on bi-national efforts and provide coaching and mentoring to staff. The individual will be meeting frequently with the Interagency, partners in and outside of the Agency, representatives of professional organizations and foreign governments, private sector and civil society groups to find synergies and collaboration opportunities. They must use their strong skillset to determine approach and motivate in negotiating with others to establish a strong rapport to relay information and find synergies and opportunities and to gain compliance of established policies and regulations especially in regards to environmental compliance. The work usually involved active participation in conferences, meetings, or presentations involving problems or issues of considerable consequence or importance. The individual will be representing at the Border roundtable with contact with diverse viewpoints, goals or objectives and justify, defend, negotiate, or settle matters involving significant or controversial issues.

Overall, the USPSC is expected to:

  • Be fluent in Spanish and English
  • Apply a broad knowledge and expertise of U.S. Government, USAID regulations and procedures, international development, community organization and coordination to the development and management of SEED Office
  • Independently plan, analyze and evaluate the planning, design and implementation, results and accomplishments of current project activities for their effectiveness, efficiency and significance
  • Provide and develop guidance on best practices in addressing gender equality, female empowerment, and social inclusion and find opportunities for integration
  • Mentor team staff where needed in USAID planning, strategy development, budgeting, program development, project design and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Provide proposed recommendations for the Office Chief to consider concerning any adjustments needed to increase program efficiencies.
  • Lead the Project and Activity Design for Local Works, Caribbean Development Program, Conflict Mitigation and Management, and WASH
  • Guide, coordinate and lead the work of the technical staff and team.
  • Use Google Suites to track all the components

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Leads the Activity design for the next five years for Local Works, WASH and Biodiversity programming. Assist in the management of both the staff and portfolio of SEED Office.

Responsibilities will include assisting the Office Director in the management of 12 full-time personnel, coordinating with other USAID Missions in the Caribbean region, including Haiti and respond to taskers relating to Disaster Preparedness from the Mission Disaster Relief Officer. The position will serve under the management of Agriculture, Environment and Local Works Office Director and will provide expert technical assistance to partner Missions and stakeholders in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, and the Eastern Caribbean Regional platform which serves ten non-USAID presence countries. The successful candidate will provide leadership in the design, implementation, assessment, and reporting on programming, requiring frequent travel within the region. Further, the individual will assist in the management and coordination of current and future private sector engagement activities that are key in prioritizing stable, resilient, inclusive self-reliance that will support the DR in its journey to self-reliance.

  • Supporting the Mission in completing the required steps, in accordance with the revised ADS 201, to develop timelines and log frameworks for the Project and Activity Design and Implementation of the three portfolios.
  • Facilitating internal and external discussions to inform the approach, priorities and sectoral focus of the Office.
  • Highlighting any perceived weaknesses or inefficiencies of staffing structure or workflow/organization of the office.
  • Facilitating an office retreat for the SEED office.
  • Identify opportunities, isolating and defining unknown conditions, resolving critical problems, and developing new theories for cross-collaboration between the portfolios.
  • Assisting the Office in identifying new partners in the region and assessing their capacity and commitment.
  • Utilize language skills in Spanish and English to coordinate and collaborate in cross-border activities and new partners, host government and USAID/W.
  • Lead the approval process for the PADs and Activity Appraisal documents.

The USPSC will independently assist in the management of new awards and purchase orders and coordinate across technical and support offices. The USPSC will also be responsible for managing the donor, partner and private sector coordination between the two countries.

The USPSC will also provide guidance to the Office Chief on program budget formulation, project implementation, tracking, and reporting. S/he will conduct a review of the organization and structure with actionable recommendations to optimally align roles and responsibilities when necessary of the three portfolios. The USPSC will support the growing Office and other staff regarding issues affecting programming, planning, budgeting, procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, accelerating Journey to Self-Reliance and Assistance and Acquisition strategy implementation. The work of this individual will directly affect the development of major aspects of the administration of these programs and staff.

S/he will provide strategic recommendations and leadership in the design and development of the Office’s strategy and structure. Under the direction of the Office Chief the USPSC will collaborate with the Mission’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) contractor and team to lead, develop and implement practical information tracking systems. S/he will also advise on the design of planned evaluations.

The USPSC will support the Mission through a variety of other tasks as assigned and will respond to urgent information requests and action items as needed.

12. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


In order to be considered for this position a candidate must meet the Required Minimum Qualifications listed below. Consideration and selection will be based on panel evaluation of Required Minimum Qualifications, Desired Qualifications and Evaluation Factors. Additionally, interviews and writing samples may be requested.

Prior Work Experience: A minimum of 7 years of professional experience in project design and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, preferably for U.S. Government agencies is required. Formal team leader responsibilities for coordinating/directing the work of other professional staff required.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in environment, geography, economics, public or business administration, political science, international relations or a related field is required.

Language Proficiency: Level IV (fluent) in English and Level III (advanced) Spanish

Knowledge: Knowledge of U.S. Government laws, policies, regulations and procedures related to international development assistance. Mastery and expert in development project design as well as the principles of sound program oversight, budgeting and reporting, monitoring and evaluation, and assistance and acquisition is required. Experience working on complicated interconnected issues, multi-disciplinary approaches, conflict, gender equality, female empowerment, and social inclusion in the international development context, including integration of the same in the design and implementation of assistance programs is preferred. A working knowledge of the Latin America and Caribbean region, its institutions, and peculiar development challenges is preferred. Demonstrated ability to work across multiple technical sectors and provide technical solutions is required.

Skills, and Abilities: Excellent written and oral communications skills; analytical; management; and interpersonal/teamwork skills required. Computer skills, including the development and management of spreadsheets, tracking systems, etc., and the ability to interpret, organize and present data to a variety of audiences preferred. Ability to multi-task Ability to work in teams is necessary.

DEADLINE: Aug 14, 2020 04:30 pm EDT

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