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Apply by 18 March 2012
Posted on 22 April 2015

Job Description

Consulting services providing: demographic projections/analysis, market analysis, preference analysis, research on affordable housing typologies, housing finance study, marketing brochure.

> Required outputs Task Orders

  • Task 1. Demographic Analysis of existing and long term (10 year) needs. Analysis of strata, considering age, income, education and other demographic factors that will influence housing needs and purchasing power. Delineation of typical market segments that will influence housing design.
  • Task 2. Existing and Long Term (10 year build out) residential stock analysis, o Current stock, stock in the pipeline, plan for housing construction, by strata. o The consultant will evaluate the current range of residential products in the

market and research new products being offered or planned in the City.

  • Task 3. Preference analysis. Onsite research and focus groups to understand current preferences and how they are being met in the City. A key question to be addressed is the potential demand for flats in multi history buildings. Another goal is to understand qualitative aspects of demographic segments identified in task1. In particular, the consultant will strive to understand nuanced stratifications and categories of the “affordable” housing market across demography and economic strata.
  • Task 4. Research on affordable housing typologies. The consultant will also research basic models of affordable housing in other similar locations for relevant typologies and technological opportunities.
  • Task 5: Housing Finance Study. Research and Coordination with other concurrent studies (such as World Bank Housing Finance study) to identify current financing landscape, global relevant/best practices, gaps and opportunities. Identified by strata and end user needs. Recommendations for policy, regulations, and products to be made available by strata.
  • Task 6: Draft report of all studies for review and validation.
  • Task 7: Final report of all studies.
  • Task 8: Marketing Brochure: Marketing document that summarizes and succinctly presents documentation. 20 to 30 pages.

> Expert N°1 (Senior category)

  • Real Estate Economist/Socioeconomic Expert/Team Leader:

> Expert N°2 (Senior category)

  • Architectural Expert
  • 22 working days

> Expert N°3 (Senior category)

  • Housing Finance Expert
  • 22 working days

All experts must be proficient in English, and be able to work in French as well. Profile per Expert or expertise required

Task 4, 6-8. Architectural Expert with at least 10 years as an architect working with affordable housing and multifamily housing in ACP countries. An experience working with local governments in the area of urban planning is essential, and preferably experience/background working on urban planning with municipalities of at least one million inhabitants in ACP countries.

For an input of 22 working days starting by beginning of April 2012.

It is requested to submit a short methodology of a maximum of 5 pages and structured as follows:

  • Understanding of ToR,
  • working methodology/approach for outputs
  • and working plan.

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