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  • Posted on 4 December 2018

Job Description

Request for Quotation

RFQ # 1801-02

USAID Government Accountability Initiative

The Government Accountability Initiative (GAI), implemented by Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) is a four-year United States Agency for International Development-funded project with the overall objective to strengthen the capacities and connections of key Serbian stakeholders resulting in increased government accountability at the national and local levels. The project is structured around three components: Local Government Accountability, Independent Oversight Institutions, and Adjudication of Corruption Cases. GAI counterparts include the State Audit Institution (SAI), the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), local governments, specialized anti-corruption courts, and public prosecutors’ offices.

Contract Type

It is Checchi’s intention to award a Firm Fixed Price/Level of Effort (FFP/LOE) type subcontract for this work. Under a FFP/LOE subcontract, the Subcontractor is responsible for providing specified deliverables using an agreed to level of effort, by a stated completion date, and for a fixed price.

Travel and other direct costs included in the offeror’s proposed budget are reimbursed at actual cost, without any direct or indirect markups and must be supported by originals or copies of receipts. Subcontractor shall provide all materials, labor, equipment and facilities and shall do all that is necessary for the satisfactory and timely performance of the Statement of Work as set forth below.

Statement of Work


Within Component 1 – Local Government Accountability, GAI provides technical assistance to local self-governments (LSGs) in Serbia to improve transparency of their work as one of the key principles of good governance and the fight against corruption. The activities include development of a model LSG website and Facebook page, development and/or improvement of the use of social media, and development of other tools and procedures for improved transparency. The technical assistance will be provided to Vranje, Sombor, Sabac, Vrnjačka Banja, Sjenica, Raška and Dimitrovgrad.

The goal of the assignment is to (1) specify the necessary content, structure, organization, features and information in a model website and Facebook page for LSGs that incorporates interaction with audience and ensures transparent disclosure of all relevant information in line with legal requirements and good governance principles, (2) develop a guideline for timely maintenance through integration of these tools within LSG procedures, and (3) provide individual recommendations for website improvements to counterpart LSGs.

It is expected that a model website will include all information relevant for full and transparent information on LSG activities and include appropriate transparency elements such as:

  • Legislative plan with updates, a calendar of hearings and other relevant public events, and clear information on how the public can participate;
  • A comprehensive information on budget, including guidelines for budget preparation, draft budgets, approved budgets, rebalances of the budget, reports on public debates, citizens guide through budget, and periodic and final reports on budget execution;
  • Comprehensive information on public procurements, procurement plans, competitions, and awards;
  • Funding opportunities information that will provide information on grant competitions, announcements, award notices, and employment opportunities in a public and transparent manner;
  • Information on property and resources including real property owned by LSG, availability of public property that is planned to be rented, a method for applying to use it, and information on costs and fees;
  • Information on LG services, fees, paperwork and contact information;
  • Information on mechanisms on issue-specific feedback and complaints;
  • Information on elected and appointed public officials, with their job descriptions and jurisdiction etc.

The subcontractor must ensure that the models are fully compliant with the Decree on the Content of Web Sites of Public Administration Bodies, Guidelines for Development of Websites of Public Administration Bodies and Local Self-Governments, Guidelines for the Use of Social Media by Public Administration Bodies and Local Self-Governments, and other relevant instructions. Further, the subcontractor is expected to work with the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (CPI) to ensure harmonization with Information Bulletin requirements and compliance with the Law on Information of Public Importance. Finally, the subcontractor should take into consideration relevant indicators of transparency, reviews and recommendations by local think tanks relating to possible improvements of LSGs’ websites as well as different capacities and requirements of LSGs across Serbia.


The subcontractor is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Consult with key stakeholders including the Office for e-Government, Commissioner for Protection of Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, and relevant CSOs as appropriate regarding the current situation and opportunities for improvements;
  • Consider relevant legislation, available analysis (such as the Local Transparency Index), and identified issues by CSOs regarding transparency of LSG websites;
  • Develop a model LSG website, including description of features, information to be provided as well as requirements for procurement of web developer services. The model website should be prepared for the City of Vranje, given the plans to produce a new website, and should be used as a recommended model for other LSGs;
  • Develop model content of a Facebook page with practical guidelines for the use of social media;
  • Develop guidelines for maintenance and appropriate use of the website and Facebook page and recommend integration into LSG’s internal procedures and/or job descriptions;
  • Review existing official websites of Sombor, Sabac, Vrnjačka Banja, Sjenica, Raška and Dimitrovgrad and develop recommendations for improvements of website presentations and the use of social media;
  • Organize a workshop for relevant stakeholders, including representatives of GAI counterpart municipalities, to present the proposed model website and guidelines for the use of social media for active interaction with citizens.


  1. A plan for consultations with stakeholders within 5 days from the beginning of the assignment;
  2. A model website content with detailed specification of features and guidelines on its use and maintenance by LSGs;
  3. Guidelines including elements for procurement of web developer services prepared for the City of Vranje;
  4. A model Facebook page content with guidelines on its use and maintenance by LSGs (general model that can be used as an example by LSGs);
  5. Written recommendations for improvement of existing websites, development/improvement of Facebook pages, development/adjustment of internal procedures to incorporate new tools as necessary for six LSGs (Sabac, Sombor, Vrnjačka Banja, Sjenica, Raška and Dimitrovgrad);
  6. Organized workshop for relevant stakeholders and GAI counterpart LSGs to present the model website and Facebook page;
  7. Final report of the activities with the brief summary of the work performed.


The work must be completed by March 29, 2019.


  • Education – Desired advanced University Degree in the relevant field
  • Prior Work Experience – This is a Senior (10+years) position or Mid-level (4+ years) position requiring at least 10 years of professional experience in good governance, accountability and anticorruption, with at least 5 years of direct work with local self-governments in the area of improving transparency, public participation and interaction with local community.
  • Language Proficiency / Communication Skills – English and Serbian fluency are required.
  • Job Knowledge – Strong understanding of organization and functioning of local governments, services provided by local governments as well as e-government trends and initiatives. In depth knowledge of the use of internet and social media for interactive communication with the public and understanding of requirements for transparent work of administration. Experience with development of web sites and social media platforms.
  • Skills and Abilities – Advanced understanding of website development and functioning. Strong presentation and communication skills are required.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be evaluated on the following criteria in order of importance:

  • Qualifications for the technical assignment. Finalists may be interviewed and interview results will be considered in evaluation.
  • Successful completion of similar assignments and overall past performance.
  • Total cost for labor, including other direct costs.

Instructions to Offerors

Offerors must:

  • Agree to the completion date and supply a schedule for each deliverable in calendar days after subcontract award in the Schedule for Deliverables Section below;
  • Complete the LOE chart below by deliverable;
  • Submit a one-page description of the offeror’s directly relevant experience, a curriculum vitae, three references, and the completed Form 1420 of the individual(s) who will provide the LOE;
  • Complete a budget using the budget template attached. Any airfares should be for the lowest cost economy direct flight available. Offerors who reside outside Serbia must supply proof that they have acquired valid medical evacuation insurance.

Schedule for Deliverables

To be completed by offeror.

Deliverable Completion Date (days from subcontract award)

LOE Chart

To be completed by offeror.

Deliverable Proposed Level of Effort (number of days)

Attachments: Budget Template, Blank 1420 Form

About the Organization

Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) has worked in international development for over 40 years. The company has operated in more than 140 countries, including a number of fragile states and post-conflict zones, and has implemented nearly 300 long-term contracts. Checchi’s principal areas of specialization include rule of law, anticorruption and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since launching one of the first international rule of law practices in the late 1980s, Checchi has provided technical assistance and training in the core areas of improving access to justice; court systems administration; legislative and policy reform; judicial training and legal education; public legal awareness; and security sector reform. The company has implemented a number of long- and short-term activities focused exclusively on anticorruption. In addition, many of Checchi’s rule of law projects have included significant anticorruption components and activities. Checchi’s M&E work encompasses projects in more than 50 countries and spans the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to managing and evaluating performance.

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