3 ways data analytics can improve your organization's recruitment strategy

By Emma Smith 07 December 2016

Data analytics are changing the way organizations approach recruitment. Photo by: Luis Llerena

Just as consumer brands invest in data analytics for marketing and product development, there is a strong case for organizations to invest in people or talent analytics.

At the Paris HR World Tech conference in October, ING’s Global Program Manager of Strategic Recruitment Gusta Timmermans spoke of the company's recent investment in analytics to improve its massive recruitment operations which fill over 6,000 positions per year.

Timmermans said the use of data analytics in recruitment is an effective tool helping them know how to attract and then select future talent at ING but the quality of data to which you have access is key. To hone in on the right data, the company has invested time, effort and money in different channels, agencies and pilot schemes. Key areas of interest include the cost of a bad hire, what key characteristics top performers possess and what channels are most effective in reaching out to candidates they want to recruit.

This type of data can provide the hindsight, insight and foresight to improve the efficiency of an organization’s recruitment strategy. It can shape managerial decisions regarding employee placement, promotion, retention and workforce planning.

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