6 ways one procurement company navigates the complexities of South Sudan

A road in Juba, South Sudan. Photo by: UNMISS / CC BY-NC-ND

Global Mission Support Services is a one-stop-shop for logistical needs in South Sudan and around the world. From accommodation to financial support, to transport and visas, they’re able to “get things” for companies operating in austere environments.

From pirate ships to iPhones: What it takes to ‘get things’ into complex environments

Risks riddle the supply chain in South Sudan, with rigorous customs clearances, volatile security on major import routes and an overall harsh operating environment. Devex caught up with several logistics experts navigating this challenging procurement context to find out what it takes to get goods into South Sudan.  

Devex spoke with country director Wilhelm Du Toit and owner Roy Shaposhnik about what it takes to bypass the red tape, gain trust, and speak with officials in order to bring items such as armored cars, life vests, and office and communication equipment into one of the most dynamic and complex environments in the world.