6 ways to recruit and retain talent in South Sudan

By Sam Mednick 21 March 2017

Oxfam staff distribute vouchers to South Sudanese families sheltering inside the U.N. compound in Juba, South Sudan. Photo by: Aimee Brown / Oxfam

JUBA, South Sudan — When South Sudan gained independence in 2011, the international community eagerly poured billions of dollars into its development. Aid agencies set up offices around the country and people flocked to advance the world’s youngest nation.

When the country erupted into civil war in 2013, the situation changed drastically. Government and opposition forces have been fighting in pockets across South Sudan for more than three years, creating an unstable and insecure environment to live and work in.

This poses various challenges for NGOs and humanitarian organizations looking to recruit and retain both national and international staff.

Across the board, most recruiters in South Sudan agree that one of the biggest issues they face when recruiting national staff is the lack of a clear recruitment network for both the candidates and the employers.

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