A Tale of Five Provinces A perfect recipe for disaster: “Part I”

    The 20th century is rightly valued the century of new ideologies, scientific inventions, great minds and charismatic personalities. It changed the historic geography of the globe and renewed the course of history of the world’s geography as well. It introduced political revolutions and new chapters of human civilization. The Indo Sub-Continent broke the shackles of slavery and got out of the clutches of the British rule in the same century. A new State emerged called Pakistan initially it had two provinces known as East & West Pakistan. But after 1971 debacle its one wing was clipped and what was left was West Pakistan. The then administration decided to have four provinces, but now we are FIVE:
    These five provinces constitute Pakistan a country came into existence 64 years ago and till to date we have no clue of our direction. Two provinces are in North, two are in South and one in the Center. The combined population is 180 million plus and growing and will grow further due to massive load shedding or Power outages as people have nothing else to do except to bed. Pakistan is faced with its ever-largest adolescent population, because of its high levels of fertility over the last few decades. Have serious implications for provision of schooling, health services and other basic amenities of life for the coming decades.
    Over one third of Pakistanis are living in poverty. The impact of population growth on poverty is obvious, since poorer families, especially women and marginalized groups bear the burden of a large number of children with much fewer resources further adding to the spiral of poverty and deterioration in the status of women. This large part of the population is constrained to live in poor housing and sanitation conditions and lack of access to safe drinking water. In particular, income poverty leads to pressures on food consumption and adversely affects caloric intakes and increasing malnutrition in poorer families and contributes to high levels of child and maternal morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, rapid population growth contributes to environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. (According to new IMF report 50% of Pakistan population is now below the poverty line. Thanks to the present state of governance, which is completely corrupt? Imagine what will happen if this volcano erupts?
    Province Wise Situation:
    Out of the five, two provinces are going through tough time Khyber Puktonkawa (N.W.F.P) is in grip of terrorism. Baluchistan is in grip of insurgency. Province of Sind has a unique issue of ethnic violence or can we say suffering from kidnapping, Target killing, looting to fund the self exiled leaders living a luxurious life style abroad, which even the Kings and rich envy. Now Punjab is a mix up of all vices but keeping its balance to some extent. The newly carved out Province Gilgit-Baltistan is facing with simmering Shia Sunni abhorrence for each other. The seeds of this hatred were sown by Late Gen: Zia ul Haq. This revulsion of two Islamic sects is bound to boil over soon and will spread all over Pakistan even seep its way into Sunni dominated Afghanistan and Shia dominated Iran. As Iran already is facing wrath of the world over its nuclear issue, a spark of these confrontation will indeed ignite a fire of mass proportion perhaps, engulfing the entire region. Thus, paving a way for the high and mighty, to intervene. Not to quell this inferno. But to destroy all those who impede their expansionist policies. Those who think it as a pointless or a group or a headship matter are mistaken, as history is rife with small issues flaring into regional or even world wars.