Advice from the pros: 5 tips for succeeding as a gender specialist

Devex spoke with a seasoned gender specialist, Patience Nambo, to find out her advice for others working in this role — from understand the best technologies to bridging the gap between the field and headquarters. Photo from: personal collection

Gender specialists are increasingly in demand across multiple sectors within global development, from agriculture to water and sanitation, to climate change, and health. There is no typical day for a gender specialist, and work often depends on the sector and the stage of a program. But for most, the job typically combines office and field work looking at how development challenges impact women and men differently and factoring these differences into programmatic planning and implementation.

Patience Nambo is an independent gender specialist with experience working with organizations including GIZ Côte d’Ivoire, World Cocoa Foundation, VSO Cameroon, International Trade Centre, and others across Europe and West Africa.

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