Ahead of the Curve

One panel discussion at the ERE Expo for recruitment professionals, held Oct. 28-30 in Hollywood Beach, Florida, focused on how social networking technology like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace may be used to connect with candidates. The general argument of the panel was that because these technologies are used so widely, recruiters have no choice but to embrace them and use them as a way to reach potential employees.

What wasn't clear after the discussion in how these technologies should be used across different industries. In that sense, Devex is already ahead of the curve. It uses Facebook-like technology in a very specialized and competitive industry, allowing members to create a personalized page that can be viewed by job seekers and recruiters alike. Devex not only provides you with the opportunity to search jobs, but to create an identity and a brand around yourself.

It also allows users to join groups based upon interests. Those interested in rural development can be featured on Devex's Rural Development "group site." Same goes for the Middle East, the environment, human rights and other hot topics.

Companies are struggling to find a place for social networking technology. Devex has already embraced it, providing members with a distinct advantage over a traditional job board.

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  • David Francis

    David is a Washington-based journalist and former Devex staffer who spearheaded Devex's "Obama's Foreign Aid Reform" blog. He has written for the Christian Science Monitor, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, SportsIllustrated.com, San Francisco Chronicle, Foreign Policy magazine, and the Washington Monthly. David holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and a graduate degree from Georgetown University.