As budget negotiations begin, here's where US Congress stands on foreign aid

The U.S. Capitol Building. Photo by: U.S. Department of State / CC BY-NC

The United States Congress returns to Washington, D.C., this week after recess, faced with several key budget decisions that will impact whether President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid will be carried out.

Most immediately, Congress will be working to avert a government shutdown by passing a budget authorization for the remainder of 2017. The current authorization expires at the end of the week. If foreign aid cuts are made in this budget extension, it may signal what to expect when Congress debates and produces its 2018 fiscal year budget.

Steep US foreign aid cuts outlined in leaked budget document

President Donald Trump’s budget proposes eliminating funding for development assistance, according to a State Department budget document obtained by Devex.

In statements and hearings following the release of Trump’s so-called skinny budget, members of Congress on both sides of the aisle spoke out against drastic cuts to the foreign aid budget. How they’ll vote, what programs or agencies will get funded, and what level of cuts might emerge are all up in the air.

So where do decisionmakers stand on foreign aid and global development?

Devex examined members of Congress’ voting records on foreign aid bills, as well as their past statements. This interactive tool lets you take a look at where they stand.

Click here to view the new Devex interactive visualization of where members of the U.S. Congress stand on foreign aid.

This project is not intended to be an exhaustive record of all votes or all members of Congress. Devex chose to include House and Senate leadership as well as the leadership of committees and subcommittees making decisions about foreign aid and budget issues. The data may be updated over time.

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