Auditor defends US rebuilding efforts in Iraq

    Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the U.S. special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, found the implementation of majority of the projects to rebuild Iraq satisfactory. Bowen said the U.S. is in the process of handing over the administration of the projects to the Iraqi government but stressed the need for “sufficient capacity and adequate operations and maintenance funds” to ensure that “these new pieces of Iraq’s infrastructure don’t break down after transfer.” According to him, it is “premature” to determine if American taxpayers will get “value for money” spent in Iraq. Bowen noted that security costs claimed a significant portion – $6 billion – of the $20 billion fund. “Security has significantly limited movement over time in Iraq which prevents contractors from getting their job done which is a cost,” he remarked. (Source: Majority of Rebuilding Projects In Iraq Pass Muster, Auditor Says/The Associated Press)

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