Amy Lieberman


Amy Lieberman is the New York Correspondent for Devex. She covers the United Nations and reports on global development and politics. Amy previously worked as a freelance reporter, covering the environment, human rights, immigration, and health across the U.S. and in more than 10 countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, and Cambodia. Her coverage has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times. A native New Yorker, Amy received her master’s degree in politics and government from Columbia’s School of Journalism.

Latest Articles

Q&A: Why Armenia is rolling out diaspora bonds for development
15 Aug 2018

Armenia's deputy minister of diaspora, Babken DerGrigorian, explains why the new government is looking to diaspora bonds to help boost investment in sustainable development.

Civil society looks to independent review of SDGs, beyond government reporting
7 Aug 2018

The review of countries' progress on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals remains unfinished, according to civil society organizations, as they work to generate their own shadow reports tracking development work.

Global Compact for Refugees moves forward, but without clear path for implementation
2 Aug 2018

The U.N. General Assembly is set to approve the international agreement for responsibility sharing in September, but the document still lacks clear indicators that would help track implementation, rights experts say.

UN report finds gaps, lack of protection for whistleblowers
31 Jul 2018

Staff who witness abuse or misconduct are not likely to report it, according to the year-long review, concluded in December 2017 and released late last week in Geneva. The review covered retaliation policies across 28 United Nations organizations.

US pressure could make UN TB declaration less forceful, MSF says
27 Jul 2018

Negotiations on the text were reopened following South Africa speaking out on changes proposed by the U.S. that push for the declaration draft to exclude language on easing the way for cheap, generic drugs, which could continue to place tuberculosis treatment out of reach for most people.

Record low funding from member states will alter UN work, Guterres says
27 Jul 2018

Eighty-one member states have yet to deliver on their financing to support the institution's budget, pushing the U.N. to reconsider how its work is conducted, Secretary-General António Guterres wrote to staff.

Menstrual health, while excluded from SDGs, gains spotlight at UN political forum
23 Jul 2018

The common emphasis on sanitary pads and materials, and not education regarding menstruation, needs to be rethought, experts say.

UN, international NGOs boost Central America presence amid migrant and refugee crisis
17 Jul 2018

The Trump administration's forced separations of undocumented migrant and refugee families, mainly from Central America, has placed a spotlight on the crime-stricken region. International aid organizations and U.N. agencies are increasingly examining their role in the region.

Q&A: Economist Jeffrey Sachs on jumpstarting lagging SDG progress
16 Jul 2018

All countries are off track to meet the SDGs by the 2030 deadline. Without official indicators — nor, often, targeted national budgets — in place, governments need to consider new, creative paths, including partnerships with tech companies, Sachs explains.

Q&A: UN Technology Bank's Schroderus-Fox explains what to expect with the new organization
16 Jul 2018

The United Nations Technology Bank is currently picking up work in 16 least developed countries, but it is still operating with a limited budget backed only by voluntary contributions.