Amy Lieberman


Amy Lieberman is the New York Correspondent for Devex. She covers the United Nations and reports on global development and politics. Amy previously worked as a freelance reporter, covering the environment, human rights, immigration, and health across the U.S. and in more than 10 countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, and Cambodia. Her coverage has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times. A native New Yorker, Amy received her master’s degree in politics and government from Columbia’s School of Journalism.

Latest Articles

SDGs show slow progress, not on track to reach 2030 targets, UN reports
22 Jun 2018

Conflict and climate change drove at some of the most significant setbacks documented in the 2018 SDGs report, such as a rise in global hunger rates.

US exit from UN Human Rights Council widens gaps for human rights NGOs, experts warn
20 Jun 2018

The exit of the U.S. from the U.N. Human Rights Council could mean more opportunities for human rights offenders to influence the organization's decisions, U.N. observers and human rights organizations say.

UN feminist coalition urges better policies for sexual harassment task force
19 Jun 2018

The U.N. Feminist Network is calling for inclusion of witnesses' and victims' experiences, as well as specialized expertise into the organization's handling of sexual harassment claims, as U.N. high-level task force aims for a fall release of its recommendations.

Could a new UN plan of action place IDPs on the map?
14 Jun 2018

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, the GP20 launched in April, and will now require country support to take on its objectives to prioritize the needs of IDPs on a national level.

Battle for Hodeida puts local aid workers in the crosshairs
14 Jun 2018

A Saudi-led offensive on Yemen's major port city is putting access to food and water at risk, and placing increased strain on local aid workers as the security situation deteriorates further, international NGOs have warned.

More political attention, research solutions needed for TB, experts say
6 Jun 2018

The upcoming high-level event on tuberculosis in New York could give the treatable, but often deadly infectious disease the necessary boost, TB activists and experts said on Monday.

UN approves reforms for a more transparent, efficient system
1 Jun 2018

On Thursday, the United Nations announced a new reform plan — with an emphasis on the resident coordinator system and synthesizing its work — that will formally launch in January 2019.

Q&A: WFP IT director on the role of drones in delivering aid
28 May 2018

Belgium's recent €2 million ($2.33 million) funding pledge to WFP speaks to the rise of drone technology in humanitarian work. They can make aid delivery more efficient but also present some challenges, Enrica Porcari tells Devex.

More than 30 million people were internally displaced in 2017, report shows
18 May 2018

Natural disasters topped conflict as the primary source of displacement, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council and the International Displacement Monitoring Centre.

Better mortality data can have big payoffs, say public health experts
17 May 2018

At the midway mark of the four-year Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health initiative, experts assess what's behind improving mortality data quality in 20 low- and middle-income countries.