Amy Lieberman


Amy Lieberman is the New York Correspondent for Devex. She covers the United Nations and reports on global development and politics. Amy previously worked as a freelance reporter, covering the environment, human rights, immigration, and health across the U.S. and in more than 10 countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, and Cambodia. Her coverage has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times. A native New Yorker, Amy received her master’s degree in politics and government from Columbia’s School of Journalism.

Latest Articles

Despite famine risk, humanitarian access worsens in Yemen
22 Oct 2018

The U.N. has warned of the risk of famine in Yemen, but humanitarian organizations say lack of access and information across the country will make it difficult to properly assess the situation.

All countries need to strengthen health systems, reproductive rights, UNFPA report says
17 Oct 2018

The annual world population report, published Wednesday, stresses the link between reproductive rights access and the ability to control family size.

Greater political will needed to help reduce road deaths, support Bloomberg Philanthropies work
12 Oct 2018

Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested more than $250 million into road safety since 2004. But the onus stills rests with cities themselves, partners shared at a New York City forum on Wednesday.

Nikki Haley departure could challenge US-UN relationship, experts say
11 Oct 2018

The resignation of Ambassador Nikki Haley leaves open a door of uncertainty for United States support to the United Nations.

Syria's humanitarian crisis not likely to end in 2019, UN expert says
5 Oct 2018

Approximately 13 million people in Syria remain in need of humanitarian assistance, and all areas of the U.N.'s work is critical, according to the agency's humanitarian coordinator.

Bogotá, Johannesburg, among most dangerous cities for girls, report finds
3 Oct 2018

Surveyed experts across 22 cities all found sexual harassment is a common and serious concern, according to Plan International.

After UNGA, crucial questions around US development, humanitarian aid, technology, and more
1 Oct 2018

Here's what you need to know about the key conversations, events, and questions raised during one of the busiest weeks on the global development calendar.

UN meeting on NCDs falls short on hard commitments, civil society say
28 Sep 2018

While some governments shared measures to help foster healthier lifestyles, the U.N. high-level meeting on NCDs largely came and went without firm financial or strong global pledges to reduce NCD-related deaths.

Q&A: Bloomberg's Kelly Henning talks NCDs ahead of high-level UN meeting
27 Sep 2018

Kelly Henning, head of Bloomberg Philanthropies' public health program, explains why a focus on noncommunicable diseases is key and how the organization is targeting its work.

Q&A: UN Mexico resident coordinator talks UN reform, partnership to tackle femicide
27 Sep 2018

Mexico receiving outside funding from a donor — in this case, the European Union — is unique, explains U.N. Resident Coordinator Antonio Molpeceres.