Amy Lieberman


Amy Lieberman is a reporter for Devex, based out of New York, where she covers global development around the city and out of the United Nations. She has previously worked as a freelancer, reporting on the environment, social justice issues, immigration and development. Her coverage has appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, Slate and The Los Angeles Times, among other outlets. She received her M.A. in politics and government from Columbia Journalism School in 2014.

Latest Articles

Amid funding shortfall, doubts over why UN links 4 food crises together
20 Apr 2017

The United Nations has experienced a dangerously slow response to a $4.4 billion funding appeal to the food insecurity and famine crises that span Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria. Some development experts are now questioning the strategy of linking together four disparate emergencies.

IOM inches closer to global migration compact
19 Apr 2017

Formal negotiations for the new migration framework will begin in early 2018, International Organization for Migration Director-General William Swing tells Devex. The compact aims to lay out principles and commitments that individual governments would use as a guide on cross-border and migration coordination.

UNFPA assess extent and impact of US cuts
18 Apr 2017

While the funding loss was expected, the Unites Nations' reproductive and sexual health agency is still grappling with how the cuts will play out across its various programs and work worldwide.

Q&A: Plan International's CEO on a change of strategy
14 Apr 2017

Plan International is specializing its focus to make every project "gender transformative." CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen tells Devex why.

3 takeaways from WWF chief on Latin America's climate change vulnerability
10 Apr 2017

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, chief of climate and energy at the World Wildlife Fund, spoke with Devex at WEF Latin America on why climate change is hitting his home region hard and what it can do to lessen the blows.

As US closes doors to Syrian refugees, Argentina prepares a welcome
7 Apr 2017

The international NGO Blue Rose Compass announced 1,000 Syrian female refugees would gain scholarship — and the chance of citizenship — in Argentina.

Q&A: JA Worldwide CEO on solving youth unemployment in Latin America
6 Apr 2017

Devex talks with Asheeh Advani, the president and CEO of JA Worldwide, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, who says rethinking education could solve youth unemployment.

WEF Latin America shines development spotlight on the region
6 Apr 2017

The World Economic Forum Latin America formally kicked off in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as political leaders and development professionals bemoaned the region's lack of visibility in discussions on global development and international affairs.

A checkup on Latin America ahead of the WEF
5 Apr 2017

Ahead of the World Economic Forum this Wednesday through Friday in Buenos Aires, Devex looks at the economic and developing challenges — and opportunities — facing key countries this year.

Trump administration cuts all future US funding to UNFPA
4 Apr 2017

The U.N. Population Fund has attributed the loss of funding from its second largest donor to the false claim that it supports work in coercive abortions and forced sterilizations in China.