Amy Lieberman


Amy Lieberman is the New York Correspondent for Devex. She covers the United Nations and reports on global development and politics. Amy previously worked as a freelance reporter, covering the environment, human rights, immigration, and health across the U.S. and in more than 10 countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, and Cambodia. Her coverage has appeared in the Guardian, the Atlantic, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times. A native New Yorker, Amy received her master’s degree in politics and government from Columbia’s School of Journalism.

Latest Articles

NGOs push back on positive US review of 'global gag rule'
12 Feb 2018

The United States State Department issued its first review of the Mexico City Policy, or "global gag rule," six months after its implementation, showing that almost all of the foreign NGOs have chosen to comply with the new policy.

New UN global compact on migration moves ahead
8 Feb 2018

The first "zero draft" document for the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was released this week, paving the way for government negotiations on how the growing trend of migration should be addressed. The document was welcomed by many as a blueprint for dealing with the global refugee crisis.

'Sustainability revolution' is progressing quickly, regardless of politics, Gore says
7 Feb 2018

The former vice president of the United States cast a hopeful tone at a New York City climate finance summit, saying that investors are increasingly recognizing sustainability offers a smart — and also crucial — opportunity for investment.

China emerges as a serious player in humanitarian aid
7 Feb 2018

While official government data remains limited, two new data sets and reports offer a clearer picture of where China is heading as a humanitarian aid donor. The picture they paint is of a country most keen to help friends and allies.

Clinton Foundation aims to lead Caribbean disaster recovery with new action network
1 Feb 2018

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton presided over the first meeting of the new post-disaster recovery action network, with an ambition to take the lead on recovery and climate preparedness work in the Caribbean. The network, formed at the invitation of the governments of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and Dominica, will convene for its first open meeting in April.

UN Women on the hunt for a blockchain solution
1 Feb 2018

UN Women hosted live simulations of blockchain apps and programs focused on identity and cash transfers in New York on Tuesday. Caroline Rusten, the organization's chief of humanitarian work, talks to Devex about how they hope the technology could help them better target the needs of women and girls.

What will it take to eliminate pneumonia deaths in children?
22 Jan 2018

The United Nations Children's Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and other research and technology organizations are hoping to jointly jump-start global awareness and work on pneumonia, which today is the greatest killer for children under five.

3 million Yemeni children born in war face uncertain future, UNICEF says
18 Jan 2018

Young children who have known nothing but war in Yemen face disease, lack of education, violence, and other challenges, as Yemen's conflict hits its third year mark.

No clear path ahead for Yemen aid as 30-day lift of blockade expires
18 Jan 2018

A temporary lifting of a blockade over Yemen's major port is set to expire on Jan. 19. This could further complicate the work of international aid agencies, and prove devastating for the 7 million people reliant on aid, the Norwegian Refugee Council says.

UN chief Guterres gets a C+ on first feminist report card
11 Jan 2018

The Feminist United Nations Campaign evaluates António Guterres' first year in office, and how far he has lived up to his promises on advancing gender equality at the global institution.