Andrew Green


Andrew Green is a Devex Contributor based in Berlin. He writes regularly about global health and human rights issues. He has also worked as Voice of America’s South Sudan bureau chief and as the Center for Public Integrity’s web editor.

Latest Articles

How can we improve the development impact of migrant remittances?
28 Nov 2017

Migrant remittances are worth more than three times as much as official development assistance each year — but about $32 billion of that is lost in transaction fees. As European leaders hope to spur development along migration routes by leveraging the value of remittances, Devex explores how that could be done.

Climate adaptation is critical for developing countries. Can the private sector help?
21 Nov 2017

Developing country representatives at the UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany, expressed disappointment about the commitment of industrialized nations to adaptation efforts. Could the private sector step in?

COP23 endorses mainstreaming of gender in climate action
20 Nov 2017

Negotiators at the COP23 climate discussions in Bonn, Germany, approved a plan to more directly include women in all climate activities and to enhance gender-related mandates — a move that many participants said was long overdue, but was not guaranteed at the start of the talks.

Countries band together to preserve Central African rainforest
17 Nov 2017

The United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany, provided an opportunity for a coalition of European and central African states to check in on their efforts to slow the destruction of the world's second-largest rainforest — which they say is crucial to meeting the region's Paris Agreement goals.

Q&A: Without climate adaption funding, hunger will persist
15 Nov 2017

Amid reports that global hunger is growing for the first time in a decade and worries that rising temperatures will only make the situation worse, Devex sat down with José Graziano da Silva, the Food and Agriculture Organization's director-general, in Bonn to talk about how the FAO is working to guide policy and money to agricultural adaptation.

COP23 climate talks make leap forward on agriculture agreement
15 Nov 2017

After a years-long delay, negotiators in Bonn adopted a draft agriculture agreement that officials hope will lead to the actual implementation of policies to address both climate change and food security. Ministers are expected to ratify the agreement before the end of the week, marking a significant win for the COP23 talks.

Q&A: 'There has been a shifting of goalposts at COP23'
14 Nov 2017

Devex talks to the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, a coalition of African civil society groups, about their goals for the U.N. climate talks in Bonn, Germany, and why they believe the U.S. should exit the negotiations.

WHO initiative aims to tackle health impacts of climate change
14 Nov 2017

World Health Organization officials announced a new initiative to address the health impacts of climate change at COP23. With a focus on ownership by small island developing states, officials are calling for more funding and evidence on the links between climate change and health.

Q&A: WHO's health systems chief on reaching UHC
9 Nov 2017

Despite a growing high-level consensus around universal health coverage, public health officials face the enormous challenge of translating their commitments into action on the ground. The World Health Organization's director of health systems and innovation, Dr. Rüdiger Krech, spoke with Devex about next steps.

Innovators seek accessible solutions for health
25 Oct 2017

Some of the most effective innovations for health in the developing world will be simple, accessible, and homegrown, entrepreneurs and officials told Devex at the World Health Summit.