Andrew Green


Andrew is a print and radio reporter (and occasional photographer) based in East Africa. He writes often from the region on issues of health and human rights. He has also worked as Voice of America’s South Sudan bureau chief and as the Center for Public Integrity’s Web editor.

Latest Articles

HIV, family planning groups grapple with new WHO guidance on popular contraceptive
4 Apr 2017

New World Health Organization guidelines warn of a possible, though unconfirmed, link between higher HIV transmission and the most popular contraceptive in many of the most affected communities. Advocates are now grappling with how to prevent pitting gains in family planning against progress in tackling the spread of HIV.

Civil society sets advocacy targets for AIIB
17 Mar 2017

Advocates concerned about lax safeguards at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank gathered in Berlin last week to discuss their strategies for influencing the bank for the better. Devex goes behind the scenes to preview their approach.

Insecurity jeopardizes South Sudan famine relief
27 Feb 2017

The United Nations has declared the first famine since 2011 in South Sudan. Yet even if all the resources were marshaled to address it, insecurity and ongoing fighting are stymieing efforts to reach those in need.

Somali refugees under pressure to repatriate after US ban
7 Feb 2017

A U.S. executive order on immigration could close a final door to resettlement for the most vulnerable Somali refugees. Analysts tell Devex the block could also backfire for security, empowering extremist voices in Somalia and creating a new pool of recruits.

Gates, Mastercard launch new platform for smallholder farmers
30 Jan 2017

Digital technology has long been touted as the key to helping smallholder farmers overcome barriers that have kept them trapped in poverty, but initial innovations did not always deliver on this promise. Building on past lessons, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mastercard have launched 2Kuze, a pilot program that connects farmers in Kenya directly to buyers, who buy and then collect their product without the services of middlemen who can cut into a farmer's profit.

In an apparent crackdown, Tanzania government raids NGO meeting on reproductive rights
6 Jan 2017

A December raid appears to be in line with recent anti-LGBTI policies, sending a chill through the sector and jeopardizing treatments and access to care for key populations.

Health is on G-20's agenda. Now what?
21 Dec 2016

A coalition of NGOs calling themselves the No More Epidemics campaign are urging policymakers to think beyond emergencies and strengthen the health systems that are first responders in times of crisis.

What went wrong for Bridge Academies in Uganda?
12 Dec 2016

With high-profile investments from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Bridge International Academies set up 63 low-cost private schools in Uganda. Now, the Ministry of Education is set to shut them down, arguing they cut corners and didn't meet standards. Bridge refutes the allegations and some see the crackdown as part of a broader campaign from public sector unions to limit private enterprise. Devex investigates how the project went sour.

At last, an HIV prevention tool women can control?
1 Dec 2016

The vaginal ring could prove pivotal in addressing an increasingly feminized HIV epidemic if women want — and can discreetly — use it.

Aid groups grapple with stigmatization in HIV prophylaxis roll-out
18 Nov 2016

One of the most promising methods of HIV/AIDS prevention hinges on providers walking a fine line between reaching marginalized communities and ensuring treatment doesn't stigmatize them further.