Andy White


Andy White is coordinator of the Rights and Resources Initiative. He also serves as president of the Rights and Resources Group, the nonprofit coordinating mechanism of the RRI Coalition based in Washington, D.C. Prior to co-founding RRI in 2005, Andy served as senior director of programs at Forest Trends and Natural Resource Management Specialist at the World Bank, as well as worked as a consultant to the International Food Policy Institute, Save the Children Federation and the Inter-American Foundation. He has worked extensively in Haiti, Mexico, and China. As coordinator of RRI, he advises policy research, advocacy, and engagement in Asia, Latin America, and Africa and leads initiatives and networks to advance RRI's mission. His research and publications have focused on forest tenure and policy, forest industry and trade, as well as the role of forests, communities, and institutions in climate change.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Leaving no one behind — Why land rights must be the linchpin of sustainable development
3 Oct 2017

Secure land and resources rights for indigenous peoples and local communities are vital to tackling the global crises of inequality and climate change and to achieving the aim of the Sustainable Development Goals to leave no one behind. Yet communities lack secure rights to the vast majority of their customary lands. What is needed to close this gap?