Cary Adams


Cary Adams is CEO of the Union for International Cancer Control. Cary has also served as chair of the NCD Alliance, a coalition of around 2000 organizations working on noncommunicable diseases, which include cancer, diabetes, heart, respiratory, mental, and neurological diseases. In May 2015, Cary was awarded “CEO of the year” at the International and European Association conference organized by the Associations Network.

Latest Articles

Opinion: 70 percent of cancer deaths happen in developing countries. We need to fix access gaps.
2 Feb 2018

To mark World Cancer Day, the leaders of the Union for International Cancer Control and the NCD Alliance highlight the gaps in cancer care for patients in developing countries.

Opinion: 5 steps to ensure access to cancer care
17 Oct 2017

Regardless of low- or high-income settings, cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health concerns, and without inclusion of cancer services in national health systems, universal health coverage will not be achieved. In this guest column, the Union for International Cancer Control explains the steps that need to be taken on international, national, and local levels in order to increase care and reduce the number of deaths caused by cancer.