Catherine Cheney


Catherine Cheney is a Senior Reporter for Devex. She covers the West Coast of the U.S., focusing on the role of technology and innovation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. And she frequently represents Devex as a speaker and moderator. Prior to joining Devex, Catherine earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale University, worked as a web producer for POLITICO and reporter for World Politics Review, and helped to launch NationSwell. Catherine has reported from all over the world, and freelanced for outlets including the Atlantic and the Washington Post. She is also the West Coast ambassador for the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit that trains and connects journalists to cover responses to problems.

Latest Articles

Gates Foundation and USAID team up to bring design to health
25 Jun 2018

Over the weekend, at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, representatives of the two organizations launched a set of resources to help more global health practitioners to build their programs around the wants and needs of end users.

Why nonprofits are seeking out family foundations to support their work
11 Jun 2018

While early in their giving journey, the Straubel Family Foundation's approach to philanthropy is why nonprofits are so interested in foundations that derive their funds from a single family.

Paraguay is officially malaria free
11 Jun 2018

The World Health Organization announces that Paraguay is the first country in the Americas to be granted this status in 45 years and outlines what's next for malaria elimination in the region.

Hilton Foundation's CEO on its evolving priorities
7 Jun 2018

Last week, the CEO of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation announced a number of significant changes to its priorities, focusing its programmatic investments in areas including homelessness and disaster relief, while phasing out its avoidable blindness program and three others.

Gates Foundation launches a new global education strategy
1 Jun 2018

The Gates Foundation shares its plans to spend $68 million over four years as part of an effort to ensure that access to education translates to learning outcomes for students around the world.

Innovation at IRC: 'What can we do to make the sector better?'
31 May 2018

In the fifth of our conversations with the people driving change at aid agencies and NGOs worldwide, Devex speaks with Ravi Gurumurthy, chief innovation officer at the International Rescue Committee, about what it takes to achieve real scale.

4 tips for engaging with Pledge 1% companies
25 May 2018

The latest grant from Okta, which pledged 1 percent of its equity ahead of its initial public offering, is a reminder that technology companies have more to offer nonprofits than just money.

The women's health advocates pitching the end of cervical cancer
22 May 2018

The vast majority of cervical cancer cases could be prevented through HPV vaccination and screen-and-treat programs. The public-private partnership TogetHER is fundraising from traditional and new donors to raise the consistent funding needed to bring an end to the disease.

5 ways global development professionals can support better practices in AI
18 May 2018

Conversations on artificial intelligence and global development tend to focus on ways AI can transform the sector. But amid a debate on the ethics surrounding data misuse, some are arguing that it’s equally important for development professionals to weigh in on AI. Here's how.

How funders can get out of their own way
15 May 2018

A report from Open Road Alliance finds that funders pose the most barriers to project implementation and proposes a new way forward.