Catherine Cheney


Catherine Cheney covers the West Coast global development community for Devex. Since graduating from Yale University, where she earned bachelor's and master's degrees in political science, Catherine has worked as a reporter and editor for a range of publications including World Politics Review, POLITICO, and NationSwell, a media company and membership network she helped to build. She is also an ambassador for the Solutions Journalism Network and the Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute.

Latest Articles

This fund seeks a traditional return and grantlike impact for global health R&D
25 May 2017

Staff at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and J.P. Morgan said they hope the Global Health Investment Fund will demonstrate that it is possible to generate social impact, reduce costs to health care systems and deliver financial returns to investors at the same time.

Cyber protection: Have you received the data call?
24 May 2017

With cyber attacks on the rise and in the news, now is the time for NGOs to ask themselves whether they are doing all they can to protect the personal information they have on file. So what can you do?

How artificial intelligence might help achieve the SDGs
19 May 2017

Global development professionals are working on complex problems that might appeal to machine learning experts looking to use their artificial intelligence skills for good. A growing number of efforts are bringing these communities together.

How technology can boost government accountability in the developing world
12 May 2017

As interest grows in the role of tech and big data in facilitating citizen engagement and improving government services, delegates at the eighth annual Evidence 2 Action symposium debated the opportunities — and the limitations.

Former Maldives president on stopping the rising seas that threaten his home
11 May 2017

Mohamed Nasheed said we must embrace a low-carbon development strategy, and that countries cannot continue to reduce their ambitions to the lowest common denominator at gatherings such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change talks in Germany this week.

What does early data tell us about how recipients of universal basic income spend their money?
10 May 2017

Infographics released by GiveDirectly last week provide early insights from the first true test of universal basic income; plus, watch a panel discussion on UBI moderated by Devex.

Inside the campaign to support communities harmed by development
27 Apr 2017

When safeguards fail, development finance can sometimes cause harm to the same communities it aims to help. A growing number of civil society organizations are leading the campaign for redress.

A call for implementation science and systems innovation in global health
25 Apr 2017

Global health professionals are making the case for implementation science and systems innovation to get products and services to the people they are meant to serve.

Q&A: Peter Piot on grand challenges in research, education and training for global health
25 Apr 2017

The easy gains are over, with issues such as chronic conditions, urbanization and climate change demanding a new way of doing business.

To connect the world, Facebook builds human networks, not just physical ones
19 Apr 2017

A new initiative connecting developers on a local level to collaborate, learn, and code with each other is just one aspect of this year's F8 conference that demonstrates a shift in approach for the tech giant.