Catherine Cheney


Catherine Cheney is a Senior Reporter for Devex. She covers the West Coast of the U.S., focusing on the role of technology and innovation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. And she frequently represents Devex as a speaker and moderator. Prior to joining Devex, Catherine earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Yale University, worked as a web producer for POLITICO and reporter for World Politics Review, and helped to launch NationSwell. Catherine has reported from all over the world, and freelanced for outlets including the Atlantic and the Washington Post. She is also the West Coast ambassador for the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit that trains and connects journalists to cover responses to problems.

Latest Articles

Is a randomized controlled trial right for your NGO?
23 Feb 2018

Randomized controlled trials are just one of several monitoring and evaluation options that organizations have, which is why Innovations for Poverty Action is rolling out a new program to help groups find the right fit for them.

This new effort aims to scale up maternal and newborn health innovations
23 Feb 2018

The United States Agency for International Development's Saving Lives at Birth is launching what it describes as a next generation acceleration model, with Duke University and VentureWell leading a renewed effort to support innovations in this sector.

Indian billionaire brothers launch AI development research institute
21 Feb 2018

With a new $30 million nonprofit, brothers Romesh and Sunil Wadhwani want to create AI-based solutions in development sectors such as health, agriculture, education, and infrastructure.

How to engage community foundations in the SDGs
16 Feb 2018

Community foundations can be a gateway to localization for international NGOs, but are often overlooked as partners in the Sustainable Development Goals. Natalie Ross, vice president of the Council on Foundations, talks to Devex about how to begin engaging community foundations in these challenges.

What role can community foundations play in achieving the SDGs?
16 Feb 2018

Last week, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation announced it now has $13.5 billion in assets. The news comes at a moment of growing recognition that community foundations are essential partners in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Scale X Design: Is this the accelerator the aid sector needs?
16 Feb 2018

Devex takes a look at CARE's Scale X Design — one of the few startup accelerators that focuses on investing in NGO staff, rather than in people outside the organization — to find out what it can offer the development community, and why it has ambitions to become "the sector's accelerator."

Ultra-poor graduation model results show more than just cash is needed
15 Feb 2018

Results from an independent evaluation by Innovations for Poverty Action of Village Enterprise's ultra-poor graduation model show that cash transfers should be coupled with training, mentoring, and access to financial services.

Facebook takes another step into crisis response
15 Feb 2018

The social media giant announced Thursday it is opening up its Community Help tool — which allows users to find and offer help after a crisis — to businesses and organizations for the first time, a sign of its ambitions for its role in crisis response.

Q&A: Mercy Corps CEO on the NGOs of the future
12 Feb 2018

"The organization of the future has to wrestle with a more fragile world in which the drivers of poverty are conflict and violence, not underdevelopment as we used to think of before." Mercy Corps Chief Executive Officer Neal Keny-Guyer talks to Devex about partnerships, technology, and how NGOs will need to adapt and evolve as we head towards 2030.

New campaign seeks to reignite political support for the fight against malaria
8 Feb 2018

After the 2017 World Malaria Report revealed the fight against history's deadliest disease is stalling, the #MalariaMustDie campaign launched Wednesday aiming to drive public awareness and increase political pressure, as partners come together to get the malaria fight back on track.