Christine Dugay


Christine is a senior analyst under the Surveys and Advisory Services team of Devex. A skilled researcher, she contributes to and/or leads custom research projects and surveys commissioned by leading companies and development institutions. Christine has a professional certificate in political economy and a master’s degree in Japanese studies, and is a fellow of the Japan Foundation.

Latest Articles

Advancing the SDGs: Japan's universities lead the way
23 Jun 2015

Japan's universities aim to help define the post-2015 agenda by advancing sustainable development goals that link poverty reduction with environmental protection, and proposing policies and frameworks for action.

Breaking down foreign aid engagement with Myanmar
15 Jun 2015

Since 2011, foreign aid to Myanmar has increased dramatically. But how much official development assistance is actually programmable? Which international donors are most active and in which sectors? Devex answers these questions and more in this Executive Member business analysis.

Top global development NGOs in Myanmar: A primer
12 May 2015

Myanmar is increasingly becoming the world’s donor darling, with foreign aid donors and their implementing partners rushing into the country to deliver development assistance. Here’s a rundown of some of the leading international nongovernmental organizations in Myanmar.

What does Japan's new charter mean for development?
27 Feb 2015

Designed to more effectively utilize the financial aid scheme to bolster Tokyo's role in global affairs, Japan's new development charter emphasizes growth and active pacifism. To understand what this means for development, the International Development Journal breaks down the new priorities and implementation guidelines of the charter.

Japan hikes grant support for energy and water
23 Jan 2015

In the second half of 2014, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved $101.17 million in grant financing for energy and water projects, boosting support for the sectors.

JICA boosts cooperation in energy conservation and diversification
12 Dec 2014

In the second half of 2014, the Japan International Cooperation Agency signed off on $2 billion worth of energy projects, boosting its cooperation in the sector.

Myanmar sees twofold rise in Japanese grant aid
29 Aug 2014

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has budgeted $207.53 million for its social and economic infrastructure projects in Myanmar — making the Southeast Asian country the biggest recipient of Tokyo’s grant financing in the first half of 2014.

Infrastructure remains top area of support for JICA
22 Aug 2014

JICA has traditionally focused development assistance on infrastructure, an area where it believes it can make the biggest difference. It comes as no surprise then that infrastructure comprises the bulk of the $5.65 billion worth of projects JICA is financing in the first half of this year.

Donors get creative, take risks on extractive industry
2 Jun 2014

Donor agencies across the world are blending their aid and trade mechanisms, but how are they approaching the highly contentious extractive sector? Devex examines how two donor countries with the most at stake — Canada and Australia — are navigating the tricky intersection of international development and the private sector extractive industry.

Assessing private sector support of global health
15 Apr 2013

In order for prominent global health organizations to leverage the increasing involvement of private foundations and corporations in global health initiatives, it is imperative to understand how these organizations are contributing to the sector. Devex, in cooperation with PSI, offers some insights.