Fatima Arkin


Fatima Arkin is a Manila-based freelance journalist specializing in climate change, human rights and natural disasters. She has reported onsite at the 2015 Paris climate conference, the MERS outbreak in South Korea and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines for Foreign Policy, SciDev.net, Maclean’s and many others. She holds a B.A. in international development and history from McGill University and a graduate diploma in journalism from Concordia University, both located in Montreal, Canada.

Latest Articles

Climate change is undermining sustainable development in Myanmar. Here is what can be done about it.
6 Apr 2017

Myanmar's nascent democracy faces a key challenge to development — climate change. Can the government and NGOs work together to protect the country's largely rural population from intensifying cyclones and longer periods of drought?

Trying to sway the Trump administration on climate change
7 Mar 2017

As the White House finalizes its budget, faith-based groups and security think tanks are pushing for climate change to make the cut. Can they succeed where others have failed?

What is at stake for the three main channels for US climate finance?
6 Feb 2017

There is a lot of speculation over how a Trump administration will deal with climate change. Here are the three main funding channels for U.S. international climate finance flows and how each might be affected by the new government.

Engaging the private sector to finance climate change adaptation
16 Nov 2016

Discussion at COP22 has focused on how public financing can incentivize private sector funds toward climate change, including for adaptation. That money could help fill a growing gap in financing needs, as grants are increasingly replaced by low-interest loans, leaving the most affected countries worried about taking on new debt.

Green Climate Fund: Open for business
5 Oct 2016

As the Green Climate Fund approaches its 14th board meeting later this month — the last before COP22 — the organization is beginning to find its place and establish firmer footing.

The world's largest international climate funds
19 Aug 2016

The world has set $100 billion a year to support global climate action but the degree to which donor countries are fulfilling financial commitments is a contentious and complex issue. Devex analyzed the largest multilateral and bilateral international climate funds that will help mobilize the money needed to confront climate change.

Are donors pulling back on agriculture research funding?
17 Jun 2016

Three-quarters of the world's poorest people depend almost entirely on agriculture for subsistence and income. But donor investments in agriculture research are leveling off, raising questions over whether or not international donors are doing enough to support long-term food security.

'Age of megacrises' requires new humanitarian solutions, says UN
20 Jan 2016

As humanitarian assistance needs rise, a newly released U.N. report defines the gaps in financing and the ways the global development community can work together to close them.