Gareth Willmer


Gareth Willmer is a freelance writer and subeditor based in London. His main coverage areas are science, technology and telecoms, as well as how changes and advances in these areas affect the developing world. He regularly works for publications including New Scientist and SciDev.Net, and previously worked as a subeditor for Nature.

Latest Articles

Taking a space-age approach to food security
20 Mar 2018

High-resolution satellite imagery is allowing ever more insight to aid the activities of smallholder farmers, opening doors for businesses, funders, and NGOs to help secure food for the future. How can they harness the advances in technology to achieve this? Devex takes a closer look.

How NGOs can work with big Internet firms to overcome the digital divide
4 Jan 2016

Global tech players are touting a plethora of options to break down the digital divide, from a new wave of higher-throughput satellites to Internet balloons and drones. How can NGOs stay ahead of the curve and engage with players such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft more effectively?