Helen Morgan


Helen Morgan is an Associate Editor at Devex. She has a background in human rights, radio and journalism, and has written for a variety of international publications while living and working in Buenos Aires, New York and Shanghai. She is now based in Barcelona and supports editorial content on campaigns and media partnerships at Devex. She is currently studying a master's degree in contemporary migration.

Latest Articles

Ripple Effect: The expansive impact of NCDs
20 Sep 2018

While combating noncommunicable diseases is a global task, regional contexts cause unique challenges. In this visual series, we explore a few of these challenges through the stories of health care workers and individuals living with NCDs in three different countries.

Video: NGO rescue missions in Mediterranean face physical, legal threats
18 Dec 2017

Humanitarian vessels operated by NGOs were responsible for saving 40 percent of the people rescued in the Mediterranean this year — the world's deadliest stretch of water for migrants and refugees. To mark International Migrants Day, Devex takes a look at some of the challenges facing search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean, and how NGOs are protecting themselves from legal and physical threats.

How to improve maternal health: 4 lessons learned in Papua
31 Oct 2017

Maternal mortality remains a global issue, and Sustainable Development Goal 3 on healthy lives and well-being aims to reduce the number of women dying due to complications in childbirth by over half. Devex visited the province of Papua, Indonesia, which has some of country's highest infant, child, and maternal mortality rates, to find out what health practitioners have learned about improving maternal health.

Why secure land rights matter for climate change and inequality
23 Oct 2017

The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, the first funding institution dedicated to securing land rights for indigenous peoples and local communities, launched this month in Stockholm. In this video, find out how the facility has already helped to secure land rights in Indonesia, Peru, and Mali.

Q&A: Indigenous peoples in the driver's seat for a sustainable future
13 Oct 2017

How can we ensure indigenous peoples and local communities are able to protect their land and natural resources, and fight climate change? Help secure land rights and put those closest to the problems in charge of finding the solutions for a more sustainable and successful future, says Ford Foundation President Darren Walker in this interview.

3 things putting Rwanda on the path to UHC
11 Sep 2017

Speaking to Uzziel Ndagijimana, Rwanda’s minister of state for economic planning, Devex explores how Rwanda is making strong progress toward universal health coverage.

How to finance innovative young entrepreneurs
20 Jun 2017

Which investment mechanisms could help provide job opportunities and improve social inclusion in the long term? Devex hears from Maria Shaw-Barragan, director of global partners at the European Investment Bank, about how blended finance is having an impact on sustainable development.

Q&A: Jeff Sachs on anti-poverty financing — a failure of moral imagination and will?
12 Jun 2017

The landscape of financing for development is changing. So how can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within this new context of commitment and funding — in the era of Brexit and the “America First” agenda? Devex sat down with economist Jeff Sachs for his take.

3 tips for success in implementing global health projects
15 May 2017

Steve Davis, president and chief executive officer of nonprofit organization PATH, talks to Devex about how to yield positive outcomes from global health projects, and shares his top tips for success.

Q&A: Former Zaatari refugee camp chief on the tandem approach to urban planning
14 Apr 2017

Just like the smartest cities around the world — in terms of connectivity, sustainability and inclusivity — planning and developing long-term refugee camps requires engaging with local actors. In this interview, Switxboard's Kilian Kleinschmidt discusses the need to forge new kinds of partnerships.